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  • June 18, 2008 is all about having a great time at Reno.

The website puts together in a clean-cut, directly to the point fashion, the resources that today’s travelers want to have handy and quickly. You can find suggestions for great destination, the classical ones and the new discoveries. You already know that at Reno the entertainment is endless. The numerous casinos, competing with the best machines, game tables and live shows, from local hangouts to the mega-resorts. Reno is also the wedding capital. The options that you have for a wedding in Reno are amazing. From bachelor/bachelorette parties, wedding attire, body care, catering, ceremony facilities, decoration, photos, transportation and much, much more, all is covered. Do you want something less thrilling? Check the golf courses or the family plans. has tons of info regarding hotels, tours, car rentals, airport shuttles, that will make planning your vacation, a breeze. Don’t forget to visit the section Contests, there is a lot of fun there.

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