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More – A Green Wedding Martha Would Approve

  • June 26, 2008

Portovert.comSo you live a green life. You ride a bike to work.

You only drink fair trade coffee. Your house has solar panels. And you intend to marry green which is why you frequent Portovert, your gateway to greener weddings. Portovert looks like a chic lifestyle magazine. It’s got stunning visuals of evening more stunning destinations. It gives you in depth looks on green honeymoons. There’s a complete wedding guide which covers everything from reception locations and flowers, to bands, and photographers. There are real wedding stories so you can be inspired. There are lookbooks for gowns, décor, sweets and gifts. You can also calculate your wedding carbon using their carbon calculator designed specifically for that purpose. Portovert even has a green policy—not only does it share with you ways to be green, the company itself operates in enviro-friendly ways such as printing with soy ink, using led lights and vintage and salvaged props, and by investing in wind farms.

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More – Web-based Wedding Planning

  • June 24, 2008

WeddingTracker.comWedding can mean lots of happiness and fun, but it can easily become a stress-trip if you don’t organize your tasks and ideas properly. There shouldn’t be any reason for the latter scenario, specially taking into account this web-based wedding planning service which’s been around for several years now: for a yearly fee, WeddingTracker.

com allows users to create a personalized website to announce engagement and wedding plans, coordinate RSVPs and menu selection for guests, let them know about online wedding registries and accommodation for the party, post media, and whatnot. One of the most interesting features is that it allows users to upload entire photo albums and request prints directly online. The planner area is also very complete, and allows to set up differentiated levels of access for different users, organize tasks and set alerts, keep track or RSVPs, coordinate thank-you mail, and even decide what gifts you want to exchange and which to keep. The site is very nicely designed and involves minimum internet expertise, plus its features and services are really above the standard in the segment.

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More – Plan Your Own Wedding

  • May 28, 2008

Do-It-Yourself-Weddings.comWould you like to plan your own wedding and reception? If so, you should definitely consider visiting, your online guide to wedding crafts instructions and ideas! From the site you will learn how to make your own favors, flowers, decorations, etc.

saving you lots of time and money; who needs a wedding planner, anyways? So, if you are courageous enough to plan your own wedding, on the site you will find unique wedding crafts, projects, tips and advice for you to take advantage of! So, if you want to make your wedding unique and personalized, there is no way you can miss this site. Be sure to check out the newest articles section, where you will find the latest wedding-related information; read the articles and get the coolest ideas for your own wedding and reception. On the left side of the page you will find lots of categories for you to dig into; so be sure to explore them all and select the products and ideas you like the most. If you want to make your special wedding day even more special by planning it yourself, you should definitely visit this site.

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More – Wedding Planner And Accessories

  • May 21, 2008

WeddingCram.comWedding Cram is a site that provides you with some of the best wedding accessories as well as wedding planning tips. The site is organized in many categories for easier access to information.

The categories that you will be able to find at the site are most popular: save the date, custom, wedding programs, wedding jewelry, cake toppers, candy wrappers, personalized gifts; wedding accessories: bridal jewelry, wedding veils, wedding gloves, bags & purses, dyeable shoes, garters, tiaras; ceremony accessories: unity candles, carved candles, taper candles, candle holders, ring pillows, bubbles, necessities; reception accessories: pen sets, framed keepsakes, toasting glasses, place card holders, wedding favors, gift sets, children gifts and necessities. If you need help with your wedding planning then at this site you will be able to find interesting resources and tips so you can have the best wedding ever. So if you are interested in this resources then all you need to do is to check out

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More – Everything For The Bride

  • April 28, 2008

Bride.comAre you about to marry and you are already planning the wedding? At you might find what you are looking for.

This website, entirely devoted to brides, features a variety of sections and services to suit all the wedding needs for the brides. Among these services you can find a vendor search tool. With this you can search for wedding vendors in your local area; simply select your state, city and category of vendor and you will get the full list of vendors. On the same way you can find for wedding shows and bridal festivals near you. You can also take advantage of their weeding planner tools, which will help you organizing your wedding as well as their idea galleries, where you can get a lot of inspiration. Finally, there is a whole shopping section where you can buy online all the accessories for the wedding as well as the latest designer dresses.

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More – The perfect day

  • April 18, 2008 – The perfect dayGetting married must be the most beautiful, but at the same time stressful, activity any person can do. The bride and the groom have the same obligations once married, but the planning of the wedding usually affects the bride more than the groom. has arrived to save you from a nervous breakdown. It’s true you will still have to make a thousand decisions, but this website will help you simplify your work. They have the addresses and telephone numbers of the most illustrious and legendary wedding shops in many states. They give you tips on how to choose your wedding dress, what your bridesmaids should be wearing, and what kind of music to listen at the party. If you are not the one getting married, but you are the one with a wedding shop of any kind, this is also a website that you should visit. They allow you to register, so that you will appear on the lists they provide to their visitors. It doesn’t matter on which side of the counter you are; if you are involved with weddings, you should check out this site. – The perfect day

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More – A Wedding Planner Like No Other

  • March 24, 2008

BridesClub.comThere is a slight problem with the whole ‘best friends’ concept, namely the fact that your best friend will, at some point in her life, choose to get married and you’ll gave to be the bridesmaid to your clueless and anxious buddy. At this point it’s clear you won’t walk out on her, but you can make things easier for yourself, and let her know about this site, where she’ll find pictures, stories, comment, recommended providers and even a calendar of nationwide bridal shows, in pink layout, of course. is designed to aggregate all the information on how to make sure that perfect day is just perfect, as you can read the site’s blog to discover tips, pieces of advice and other stuff you should take into account when choosing the right cake, illumination or honeymoon destination. By registering to the site, you can download a 50-page Wedding Planner in PDF format (2 MB) to print and carry around to help you make sure all the details are taken care of, or to easily delegate on others some of the work. By becoming a registered user, brides can use some of the discounts and coupons of offer, or purchase tickets for upcoming bridal showers and events.

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More – Wedding Planning Made Easy

  • March 12, 2008

Onewed.comAnyone who has ever had to plan a wedding will tell you that it is a time-consuming and pricey endeavor. Enter Onewed, a site that promises to save you time and money by allowing you to do your planning, set reminders, and find local vendors so that you can stay organized, save money, and spend more time enjoying yourself.

Find everything you need for your wedding and simply search for local vendors that can supply you with their goods and services. From the DJ to the caterer, you can find everything all in this one portal. There is also a section for you to upload your photos so that your friends and family can logon and view photos of the big day whenever they like. Onewed is a free service, so you won’t have to dip any further into your pockets to get the help you need.

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More – Wedding Planning and Social Networking

  • March 1, 2008

Weddinic.comThe idea behind Weddinic is to make your wedding day the most incredible day by helping you to plan the big day and allowing your friends to share their feelings and ideas. Guests can sign in and become a part of the social network surrounding your wedding.

They can post pictures make suggestions on how the wedding could run smoother just share stories about the couple. They can also check the gift registry to make sure that their gift is on the list and send virtual gifts that the bride can change for SMS credits to send out free wedding planning reminders. The vendor section allows to add/find vendors that you would like to use for planning your wedding. You can read reviews about these vendors shared by others get maps of their locations and view their products online. All in all, this is a very complete site in which they appear to have thought of everything.

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Superweddings-wedding ideas and inspiration

  • January 23, 2008

Superweddings-wedding ideas and inspirationSuperweddings gives you ideas and advice for planning your own wedding. You can get hot wedding tips (where you can see tips to save money, how to get organized, etc.

), unique wedding ideas (personalizing your wedding to the most), creative wedding ideas), bride´s wedding ideas (where you can get tips from other brides), money saving secrets (to plan a spectacular but cheap wedding, making every $ count), wedding crafts and do it yourself projects (where you can learn from how to make a centerpiece to how to make gel candles), wedding cake ideas, wedding planning help. Also you have wedding discussion forums where you can share ideas with others brides to be. You can get wedding e-books. You can get free wedding goodies and free prize give-aways. Superweddings-wedding ideas and inspiration

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