Wectar.com – The Best Of Two Web Services

  • September 27, 2008

Wectar.comWectar is a recently-launched project that intends to mix and wed together the best of two different web services, namely Dmoz.org and Del.

icio.us – that is, an open directory project and a social bookmarking web service.

The system works by retrieving information using a special algorithm that basically combines these two ways of organizing websites and produces a set of results that showcases the best of both services.

The site’s main page also lists the most popular web sites at del.icio.us at any given time, enabling the user to put into practice a “find related in wectar” option whenever he wishes.

A bookmarklet can also be found under the “Tools” heading, and it allows the user to visualize wectar listed sites which are related or connected to the current website in the user’s browser. The user can choose whether he wants to see these related items in the same browser window he is using or in a separate window. Firefox and Safari users can also drag and drop the featured “wectar related” links into the browser’s toolbar. Hopefully, this option will also be available to all Internet Explorer users in the near future – right now it works only in some cases.

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