WeCanEndThis.com – Trying To End Hunger In America

  • April 8, 2010

WeCanEndThis.comEnding hunger in America is the objective of We Can End This. Through the site, people can volunteer their services and also donate virtual cans that will eventually result in truckloads of food making their way to the 10 States that manage to top the list.

The site also makes it possible for anybody to make a direct cash donation.

When it comes to volunteering services, the website has a full list of local food banks and local hunger programs for everybody to go through and find one that matches what he could do.

A service like this one is more precious than ever when we think that the economy of the country has definitely seen better days. No matter how much our elected representatives speak about a rebound that goes from strength to strength, the fact remains that people lost their jobs and they might not be getting new ones any time soon. A site like We Can End This empowers just anybody to make a contribution, in the way he or she is able to. Making a virtual donation or volunteering services is something just everybody can do, in the end. It is good to have a platform for coordinating these efforts, and turning individual contributions into something bigger and (ultimately) more perceptible on a grand scale.

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