WEBYpedia.com – An Alternative To Wikipedia

  • August 26, 2010

WEBYpedia.comDo we need yet another online encyclopedia that is powered by the people a la Wikipedia? It seems we do, as that is exactly what WEBYpedia is all about. It is an encyclopedia entirely fuelled by users.

Anybody can contribute to it, in the way that he wishes: by creating a new post, by modifying an existing one, by leaving a comment with his own ruminations on anything that has been published…

But if we were to compare it with Wikipedia, it would be necessary to mention that there is one difference at play. Granted, it is merely a technical one but it is a difference all the same: WEBYpedia is a blog encyclopedia. This means that contributing an article is considerably easier than submitting anything to Wikipedia. Any person who has ever blogged will know how to do it.

Still, that is unlikely to make people desert Wikipedia and turn to this site massively. Wikipedia has got a prestige that is hard to take down. I guess that those who always think that it’s convenient to have alternatives to go around will check WEBYpedia out. I am not sure about the rest.

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