Webvanta.com – Building Up More Realized Websites

  • December 28, 2009

Webvanta.comWebvanta is a new CMS that is entirely browser-based. It basically empowers designers to come up with sites which are richer in terms of content without implying a bigger degree of involvement when it comes to back-code and overall system administration.

That is, those who employ this system can create faster (and more complex) sites, and whenever any change has to be implemented the same can be applied without having to undergo a difficult process.

In that way, designers can offer clients a better service since websites are created faster, and a further degree of eventual updates is made possible. Such a service is compatible with most common demands, too – photo galleries, discussion forums and integrated blogs are some of the features which are supported, and which can be implemented without having to deal with server or software hassles of any kind.

At the end of the day, designers are obviously going to be interested in a platform that is easy to learn, and lets them come up with sites which are faster to be built and enhanced over time. If you are one yourself, checking the provided demo will let you make up your mind, and determine whether this platform is compatible with the way you intend to work or not.

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