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  • June 14, 2010

WebsiteDeal.comLooking into adding some websites to your existing portfolio? If that is indeed the case, you might like to keep this new marketplace in mind. Named WebsiteDeal, it is quite reminiscent of a resource like Flippa in the sense that it will let you buy and sell sites in a hassle-free way.

But there is one major difference at play: there are no success fees to be paid.

The site is also clearly -designed, and you get a chance to see these listings that are ending soon along with the ones that have been added more recently upon landing on the main page. The sites that have been sold as of late are likewise highlighted.

Naturally, you will be capable of browsing the available listings by category. In that case, you can have your pick from “Established Web Sites For Sale”, “Templates For Sale” and “Domain Name Classifieds”. And a category denominated “Premium Web Sites For Sale” is also included.

Finally, it is vital to mention that users can also sell services and ad space through the site. This ability to centralize operations will no doubt make the site even more appealing to these busy webmasters that want to keep everything as concise as possible.

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