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More – Can Your Site Handle The Stress?

  • March 9, 2009

LoadImpact.comSuppose you are launching a site you have put a lot of faith into. You have taken care of the design, and you have managed to come up with a way to present the service that you are certain will entice people.

Your site attracts a lot of attention, and the visit gathers pace accordingly. But is your site ready for such an influx, or will it crack under the pressure? This new online resource will let you find it out beforehand, and amend anything that should be amended before the damage is done.

In essence, Load Impact will let you test your online load in a simple way, and see the results through report graphs that are very easy to understand. From a technical standpoint, this application creates a simulated load and measures how fast your system serves visitors, and how fast it could serve them come to it.

In addition to running tests in order to find out if your system could accommodate changes, this solution will let you know whether any unnoticeable performance degradation is going on, and act before it is late.

There are also four different programs for you to choose from, and these make for different user load levels and features like configurable client bandwidths and time out tests, so that any way or the other the service will suit your needs.

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