WebMii.com – The Visibility Score For Everybody

  • January 22, 2010

WebMii.comHow visible are you on the Web? That is, if someone looks you up, what are they going to come across? That is not such superficial a consideration as it might seem – after all, if you are in charge of PR tasks the more findable you are then the easier your company will be reached. In that sense, a search portal like WebMii is definitely interesting if only because it will give you more than a rough estimate of how visible you actually are.

It does so by scouring the web for every piece of information that is connected with you, and then creating a score that takes into account not only how many pieces it could find but also how relevant such pieces are (IE, where were the found and how that placement speaks of your actual influence).

The search process itself is an agile one. You can tweak with many parameters like the region and also the criteria, EG “Modernist painter” or “World War I expert” and the results it yields are produced fast enough for those who hate tapping their fingers away. Also, it is worth remarking that the site is not only in English but also in French and Spanish.

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