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Jooce.com – Flash-based Webtop for Cyber Nomads

  • December 20, 2007

Jooce.comLuxembourg based jooce is another entry into the online desktop marketplace. With its bubbly, big font and bright colors, jooce does the whole 2.

0 thing like a pro. Using Flash, Jooce makes any computer your own computer. What you get is access to all your normal goods—photos, music, chat, IM, storage, widgets and videos—along with the ability to share them with your friends, privately and securely. Jooce bundles all your IM and email accounts into one platform, so you only have to check jooce to find out what’s new in your inbox. One of jooce’s more interesting features is its split between private and public desktops. Users can organize their private affairs and their to-be-shared items by easily dragging between the two divides. Jooce is available in a variety of languages and it’s now open to the public.

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Zimdesk.com – The Ultimate Webtop OS

  • September 26, 2007

Zimdesk.comBrowser based OS’s or web desktops are infinitely useful tools, which is partly why the competition in that field is tough. You’ve got to come up with a suite of apps to replace or ape those of your regular desktop OS.

Newcomer Zimdesk touts itself as the ‘utimate WebOS’. While it may not outdo the major contenders, Zimdesk has come up with a fairly comprehensive set of tools to rival the best webtops out there. It’s got a complete range of office apps—zimWrite, zimSheet, zimMail, and Zimcalc. There are games for after work fun (Hockey, Missile 3D, Stunt Bike are few you can try out). The Zim Manager allows users to find and organize files, set permissions, and compress files. There’s a Zim Earth map, as well as an IM service which can be used for videoconferencing. You’ve got media too—radio, video, and TV. The sidebar indicates the time, storage space used, and it tells you if you’ve got any new mail. Zimdesk is free, however there is a Zimdeskpro version with more business apps available for a fee.

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StartForce.com – an OS inside your browser

  • August 12, 2007

StartForce.comHow inconvenient is it to have all of the data you need on your home computer? You can solve that fairly easily by bringing your laptop with you, but what if you don’t want to lug that around with you, or it malfunctions or you can’t get to it conveniently for some reason. Now you can have an online desktop with StartForce.

com and all of your data saved on that online desktop, meaning that you can easily access all of the things that would usually be only on your computer from virtually anywhere, anywhere that has internet access that is. You don’t have to worry about application either because Startforce comes with web application to view/edit your files without any downloading. StartForce.com doesn’t cost a dime, sign up now and you can be uploading data to your online desktop within minutes.

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Cornelios.org – A Cross Browser Web Office

  • June 20, 2007

Cornelios.orgCorneliOS is a web based operating system that operates right in your browser. Its design is meant to facilitate ease of use, so that you’re not left befuddled and scratching your head by complexities .

With CorneliOS comes a complete Content Management System (CMS) so that users can easily create and manage websites. There’s also a Database Management System for building any kind of database. CorneliOS allows multiple users to have an account on a single server; each user is provided with a private desktop, however files can be shared through the virtual file system. Users can create dedicated apps for CorneliOS or use the system to manage other apps. It’s free open source software accessible all the time, anytime.

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