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Shiftreload.com.au – Internet Solutions Company

  • June 30, 2008


au is the official website of Shiftreload, an Australian company that provides different internet solutions. Their services include internet connection (ADSL, wireless, and broadband), web hosting, and security services, among others. Here you can learn everything about them including company profile and main services. All of them are listed and explained here with main features and fees. In case you are thinking of hiring them, you can either order online or contact their sales team trough their toll free line or trough live chat. If you are running a business, don’t miss their special corporate offers. The site also features all the latest news from the company as well as all their latest offers and products. In addition to this, you can find a series of customer support resources. Anyway, in case you need further assistance or you have any inquiry, you can find here all the contact information of their technical support department. Shiftreload.com.au

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ThisWebHost.com – Web Hosting That Cares

  • June 30, 2008

ThisWebHost.comNeed a good web hosting service? Try ThisWebHost, a new player in the game, whose claim to fame is quality and reliability. The folks at ThisWebHost have over ten years of commercial web hosting, and they offer a wide range of nifty services and features.

With ThisWebHost, what you see is what you get. They promise a secure, fast server with no overloading, and 24/7 support that includes code fixing, moving old data, all with a personal touch. They’re not like the impersonal mega hosting services who won’t dare to help you unless they can profit. Rather, ThisWebHost aims to please. Plans start at $5.99 a month which includes 100MB disk space,5Gb Bandwidth, 5 email addresses, and a whole lot more. If you want more disk space, try the top of the line “Ultra” package which is $32.99 a month but has 5gb of space, among other nifty features.

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YourHost.com – Web Hosting and Internet Solutions

  • June 30, 2008

YourHost.comAre you beginning an online business or want to add ecommerce to your existing business? YourHost.com may be of great help.

YourHost.com is an Ecommerce Web Site Hosting and Internet Solutions provider. YourHost.com specialty is help online businesses grow. At YourHost.com, you can find all you need to have a successful online business running. You already know that an Ecommerce enabled web site is a “must” for today’s business. YourHost.com will provide you with the perfect shipping cart package for your case. You may need other tools to succeed in your business, as email marketing solutions to keep permanently in contact with your customers or web analytics in order to know how your clients interact with your web. Keeping track of customer traffic and ecommerce data will help you design your marketing campaigns. YourHost.com offers diverse hosting plans according to your size, small/medium business or enterprise business. Do you need a dedicated server, a managed server or a co-located server? YourHost.com will provide the best option for your needs. YourHost.com

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Purehost.com – Web Hosting

  • June 29, 2008

Purehost.comSo you are looking for a good hosting provider for your website and you don´t know which way to go? Well, if that´s the case then you shouldn´t worry anymore and try out Purehost.com.

Here at this great site you will come across a great hosting provider and you won´t regret using it. Just listen to my advice, only this time, and take a few minutes to pay a visit to Purehost.com. They have to offer you plenty of great options and accessories to your webhosting service and you will see that all of that things are really great. So what are you waiting for? Just get online today and you will see what we are talking about. Many people had already try it out, just check out their comments and you will see that they are all happy with the hosting. So check it out today and you will see that this is the greatest hosting provider site. Purehost.com

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TheDigitalStore.com – Web Hosting And Electronics Solut

  • June 25, 2008

TheDigitalStore.comTheDigitalStore.com is a site that provides you with some of the best services when it comes to web hosting and electronics solutions.

Here you will find information about their services so you can decide if they are good for you or not. At the site you will be able to find products such as captiveworks, conaxat, coolsat, nfusion, sonicview, dishes, lnb’s, cable, video cable, audio cable, bracket, remotes, networking, switches, motor, install tool, usb sticks, sat finder, I-pod, hard drive and usb memory. Now you will be able to get all this products with just a few clicks of your mouse. The internet has taken over almost every aspect of our lives so in order to keep up with technology we need to get all the right appliances. If you are interested in this products and want more information then you should check out this site. TheDigitalStore.com

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EverythingBoats.com – For The Informed Sailor

  • June 25, 2008

EverythingBoats.comThere’s a gazillion sites covering boats and boating, but few deal with such diverse areas of interest as this one does. The site hosts an impressive database of user-submitted boat reviews, plus forums and a very extensive listing service for new and used boats for sale.

You’ll also be able to read news and articles aggregated from diverse specialized news sources, both in print and online, though it seems that it’s an area of the site which doesn’t get updated too often. What EverythingBoats.com does, in short, is to provide simple and complex web design and hosting services for the boating market, so it really is a network of sites that in some way or other are related to boating. Unfortunately, in order to learn this, one has to go over to the ‘home’ section (which incredibly is not set as default) and start navigating by category: suppliers, schools, marinas, boatbuilders, etc. Other than that problem, the site is interesting and diverse, and will certainly be of use for a large audience of seasoned sailors and boat lovers. EverythingBoats.com

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WeddingTracker.com – Web-based Wedding Planning

  • June 24, 2008

WeddingTracker.comWedding can mean lots of happiness and fun, but it can easily become a stress-trip if you don’t organize your tasks and ideas properly. There shouldn’t be any reason for the latter scenario, specially taking into account this web-based wedding planning service which’s been around for several years now: for a yearly fee, WeddingTracker.

com allows users to create a personalized website to announce engagement and wedding plans, coordinate RSVPs and menu selection for guests, let them know about online wedding registries and accommodation for the party, post media, and whatnot. One of the most interesting features is that it allows users to upload entire photo albums and request prints directly online. The planner area is also very complete, and allows to set up differentiated levels of access for different users, organize tasks and set alerts, keep track or RSVPs, coordinate thank-you mail, and even decide what gifts you want to exchange and which to keep. The site is very nicely designed and involves minimum internet expertise, plus its features and services are really above the standard in the segment. WeddingTracker.com

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Radix.net – Your Local Internet Service

  • June 23, 2008

Radix.netIf you require internet-based applications from a local Internet service provider, you should check out this site. If you are tired of asking for support and being helped by someone from abroad, you can have your local service with radix.

net. They are located in Oxon Hill, Maryland. They provide broadband services with high speed and DSL access, many dial-up service solutions, dedicated services, such as SLIP/PPP connections, ISDN, frame relay, and also web hosting services. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: help desk, spam filters, explore, return home, etc. Within the local interest link, there are local governments: Annapolis, Calver County, Fairfax County, Howard County, Loudoun County, Montgomery County, Prince William County, etc. If you require spam filters, there is information about them and the way the filter works. Furthermore, there is a link that contains data on how to enable spam filter for pop account. Radix.net

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PrimetimeSolutions.net – eCommerce Solutions

  • June 22, 2008

PrimetimeSolutions.netThough their site is only being built (or rebuilt), you can get a fair idea what Primetime Solutions is all about by visiting them in PrimetimeSolutions.net.

There isn’t much information on the site, but they offer combined marketing, sales and customer service combos for companies who want to have online presence, or use the power of internet to reach their customers. The ‘services’ area is under construction, so you cannot learn exactly how they do it; still, by taking a look at the portfolio section, you’ll be able to see that they build both campaign or offer-specific sites, and also complete eCommerce sites, which allow users to shop for products directly online. In both modalities, the sites’ design is professional and features varied media, plus they include shopping carts and quick order options. They will hopefully add a comprehensive description of their products and services in the future, to avoid potential customers from having to email them asking about what the company does. PrimetimeSolutions.net

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TotalChoiceHosting.com – Internet Hosting Specialists

  • June 18, 2008

TotalChoiceHosting.comAre you searching for the best internet connection for your business? Are you looking for the best web hosting solutions for your business? There are a whole heap of internet hosting companies out there that offer you the best service, and they promise that they will give you the best service out there. But, soon enough you will find out that they’re full of empty promises just like the rest of them.

Who can you trust when it comes to internet hosting services? The best in the internet hosting services have to be the guys over at TotalChoiceHosting.com. TotalChoiceHosting.com has been supporting companies both small and large with their internet hosting needs. They’ve been in the business for years now and knowing what each business needs is what sets them apart from the rest. Learn more about the best internet service providers on TotalChoiceHosting.com. Log on to TotalChoiceHosting.com now. TotalChoiceHosting.com

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Cyzap.com – Web Design Services And Solutions

  • June 18, 2008

Cyzap.comCyzap.com provides web solutions, IT consulting, networking security, and Web hosting.

They know every company is unique and therefore has unique needs, that is why they give customized solutions for each and every one of them. They opened their doors in 1992 and are located in Omaha, Nebraska since then. If you require further info about their corporate profile, check out their site and read the company’s vision and mission statement. The products they provide range from zap manager; contact and workflow management systems, and zap site: website content management and publishing systems. Within the web solutions service there is site planning and layout planning. The hosting service includes application hosting, helpdesk services, and data center overview. On the main page of the web site there are diverse links, such as: products, services, industry solutions, and resources, among others. If you want to know what the company has been up to, check out their news link. Cyzap.com

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Town-usa.com – Hosting And Automation Solutio

  • June 10, 2008

Town-usa.comTown-usa.com is located in Wilmington, Delaware and has been in the market for ten years already.

They provide automated hosting solutions to their local and business clients. Their products vary from server device administration, including network, hardware, software, and application administration, to application hosting. For business they offer managed service solutions, managed automated hosting solutions, managed e-mail, etc. Some of the companies they have partnered with are Cisco Systems, Cogent Communications, Echo, Bulk Register, Gateway Defender, Geo Trust, Qwest, Urchin, etc. On the main page there are diverse links containing data centers, support, community, and products. They have a professional team of account managers that will give you the technical support you need in case something unexpected happens. They have many locations on the East coast, Central Southern coast, as well as the Central Northwest. In addition to their hosting solutions they also offer a suite of managed services in order to help small and medium size companies achieving their organizational goals. Town-usa.com

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Hosting-review.com – Web Hosting Reviews

  • June 10, 2008

Hosting-review.comNowadays mostly every company has its own web site; either they are small, medium or large size. Regardless of the area of business or the company’s characteristics, all of them have a webpage in the internet in order to spread their operations and increase their business.

Keeping the web site in good shape is not an easy task if you have much information and diverse links. For this reason many other organizations have come with the idea of offering a hosting service to those companies. If you would like to find a good hosting company that suits your needs, you should check out this site. At hosting-review.com you’ll be able to read different we hosting reviews so that you can take an informed decision. On the left side of the web site there are many links containing reviews, articles, newsletters, etc. Moreover, the site includes a list with a top ten ranking divided into categories. Hosting-review.com

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HostExcellence.com – Internet Hosting Company

  • June 10, 2008

HostExcellence.comHost Excellence is a company that understands that there is much more to hosting, than offering domain names and servers. They focus in performance, and in creating a feeling of trust amongst their clients.

Their web hosting accounts include free domains, free website creation software, and help and support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The site offers a domain checker, where you can find out if the domain that you would like to use for your website is available, or if it has already been registered. The site has a very complete FAQ (frequently asked questions) section that can help you clarify some of the doubts you might have about the services that Host Excellence provides. You can contact this company’s experts by phone, by chat, or by visiting their ticket center. All the details you need for those contact mechanisms are posted at the site. Think of HostExcellence.com if you need a hosting company. HostExcellence.com

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Kiva.net – Internet Access and Hosting

  • June 9, 2008

Kiva.netAre you looking for the best internet services for your business? Do you currently own a business? Do you currently work from your home? If you can answer yes to any of the above stated questions then you need the fastest internet service available. Why? Simply because for your business to grow, you need to work faster and faster.

This way you will be able to keep up to your competitors and offer the best and fastest service to your clients. If you’re looking for the best internet server, and hosting services, you need not look further than Kiva.net. Kiva.net has been leading the internet server industry for years now. Kiva.net offer you the latest technology in fast internet access, and all the latest breakthroughs in the web hosting services. If you need all the right tools to allow your business to grow in the way you want it too, you can be sure to trust in Kiva.net. Kiva.net

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Iexp.com – Innovative Software Solutions

  • June 5, 2008

Iexp.comIf you require an innovative software application for your company or organization, you should check out this site then. Iexp.

com specializes in building products and solutions for web 2.0 application design. All the technology they use is modern and foremost innovative. The company is located in Downington, Pennsylvania. Among the potfolio of products they provide FusionDox, a document management platform, FastPage 3, a content management system for static websites, FastPage CMS, a database-driven content management system, Sound-Off List Manager, which is an enterprise e-mail list management software suite, and Ti e-Commerce Engine, is an enterprise class store engine for on line BTC and BTB websites. Some of their clients include: Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, C&D technologies, Hewlett Packard, Neptune technology group, Tyco International, etc. At the web site you will see a section containing services and consulting that has Adobe Flex development, Web 2.0 development, and specialized web hosting. Iexp.com

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FriHost.com – ReDesigning Free Web Hosting

  • June 5, 2008

FriHost.comFriHost.com is a popular internet community, which is originally oriented towards technical and web hosting related subjects, as this site provides complete web hosting.

This site also provides a web hosting account to all active members of the community, and by applying at least five quality posts you will be able to have an account, in other words, you need to participate in the community by posting in the forums or commenting on blog posts and pictures, you will be able to keep your account. You will be able to find many different forums, which are organized by Popular Forums, where you will find general chat, world news, hosting support, games, music, movies and television, sports, software, computer problems, Polish, French, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch. You will also be able to find the FriHost web hosting features, which are space enough for your entire collection of websites, 10 GB of traffic, one short free sub-domain to be reachable in the whole world, no forced advertisements, unlimited email accounts, great community forums, and many other features. FriHost.com

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AvantGo.Com – Mobile Internet Service Company

  • June 4, 2008

AvantGo.ComAvantGo.Com is the world’s largest mobile internet service.

The service delivers rich, personalized content and applications to PDA, wireless PDA, and smartphone users. Today, hundreds of major media brands and marketers deliver their online content through the AvantGo mobile internet service. What is more, more than 250 major marketing brands use AvantGo mobile advertising to target and reach a valuable trendsetter audience of over seven million unique users. In order to learn more about its products and services, you should browse the categories located at the top of the homepage. These categories are About AvantGo, Services, Customers, Developers, and Contact. They provide Web-site mobilization, banner creation, landing pages, hosting, reporting, and automatic email response. While other advertising mediums such as television, radio, and the internet present performance challenges, mobile advertising presents performance opportunities. AvantGo users view their mobile content and downtime while at home, traveling, and meeting, or waiting for an appointment. Therefore, users are less likely to be distracted or involved with other tasks as opposed to television, radio, and the Internet. AvantGo.Com

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LiquidWeb.com – Leaders In Web Hosting

  • June 4, 2008

LiquidWeb.comLiquid Web Inc. was founded in 1997.

Nowadays, they are one of the leading companies in the web hosting industry. They believe that the performance of any website can be defined by two concepts: stability and connection speed. They are more than capable of providing those two services, that’s why so many people choose them among many other companies. They are interested in maintaining a personal relationship with their customers; that’s why they have a technical support service available 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. They specialize in dedicated hosting, shared web hosting, and virtual private servers, among many other options. You can take a look at testimonials from some of their clients, if you haven’t made up your mind about hiring these services. If you need web support, Liquid Web Inc. can be the right choice for you and for your company. Visit their website and take a look at what they offer. LiquidWeb.com

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Andhosting.com – Hosting Made Simple

  • June 3, 2008

Andhosting.comAndHosting is the website that will assist you in every activity related to web hosting. The site is a highly reliable source for hosting tools and service.

Through Andhosting.com you will access many alternatives of hosting, according to nour system requirements. On the homepage you will see three main categories in which Andhosting.com’s services are divided in: Linux Hosting, Windows Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. Within each section, the site offers you a long list of items for you to choose. You just have to pick up those you need and order online. However, members have special benefits; if you sign up. The page, you will have the possibility to save an important amount en each purchase you make. Check the whole list of prices and decide what is more convenient for you. You can navigate through the other sections of the site by clicking the links above, which will lead you to different sections, such as Domain Names, Testimonials, Support, and more. Andhosting.com

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