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Web-Feeds.com – Social Bookmark Site

  • November 14, 2008

Web-Feeds.comSocial bookmarking sites keep on proliferating, and there is a marked tendency towards making them better-organized and more user-friendly. This is exactly the case with the one we are discussing right now.

Located at web-feeds.com, this particular endeavor enables users to moderate and decide on which items are going to make it to the home page. The one rule that users abide by is that no links can direct to adult-related websites, or to sites that promote illegal activities or behavior.

In addition to letting users vote on the items that are fighting for a spot on the main page, there are sections that highlight the latest items that have been put forward to the consideration of site users, along with the ones who have attracted the most attention in the last 48 hours.

Moreover, cash prizes are given out to the one who submitted the best item of the week, and to the person who came up with the best comment. These are a good way of fostering user interaction, and they come from different sponsors which are individualized online, too.

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