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The Importance Of Tech Skills For Entrepreneurs

  • December 29, 2014

by Rosie Allabarton


Founding your own startup isn’t easy, as anyone will tell you. But as an entrepreneur without tech skills, you are setting yourself up for a fall. I’m not saying that, as a founder, you must also be your company’s CTO and head engineer. What I am saying is, that as a founder of a startup, having tech skills will give you a host of advantages in a tech environment when it comes to hiring, updating or maintaining your site and managing your team that, without these skills, you may find an uphill struggle.

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6 Tasks To Outsource To Grow Your Business

  • May 15, 2013

Starting a business in these tough economic times may seem like a risk, however, outsourcing can minimize the outlay – cutting down on budgets while ensuring startups receive the advice and expertise they need. Many new businesses begin with just one or two people that have difficulty in finding the…


America.net – Web Hosting and Internet Access at America.net

  • July 19, 2012

America.net offers a complete range of Internet services, including dial-up accounts, web site development and hosting. Their experienced staff is available to help customers establish a web presence for their businesses. They also offer Internet accounts for the home user if they want to email, chat or just surft around. America.net is the premier choice for Internet service.

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Alistair.com – Alistair.com Offers the Best Information

  • July 4, 2012

The website Alistair.com is very helpful and informative for people trying to find information on photography, web development and colophon. Anyone needing information on any of these things will find Alistair.com to be incredibly helpful. The site is set up like a blog and the first page basically is a blog, but the information offered is the best. The website owner Alistair Calder lists his credentials on the site on the about page.

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KanbanTool – Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign

  • June 21, 2012

LeanKit Kanban, Agile Zen, blossom, flow, FogBugz, GreenHopper, Hansoft, Jam Circle, Kanbanery, Kanbanzie, KanbanPad, KanbanPM, radtrack, Scrumy, SilverCatalyst, Simple Kanban, SmartQ, Trichord, UpstartHQ, (Oh, I could keep going)…


What do these products all have in common? Each one is a web version of the Kanban scheduling system devised by Toyota to help a company manage products and improve productivity by visualizing workflow. Using, you guessed it, Kanbans–billboards or signs.

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Truebetmedia.com – Marketing For Online Bet Websites

  • February 4, 2012


If you run an online gambling business, you can use the services provided by Truebetmedia.com to drive more quality traffic to your websites. The company, founded by individuals with working experience in online marketing as well as graphic and web design, has been around since 2009.

In the face of considerable competition for online casinos, turning to Truebetmedia will give you the chance of reaching a broader and targeted audience. The high amount of websites which offer entertainment and gambling services, such as online casinos, online bingo, online poker or sports betting, can get users rather confused among so many options.

What is worse, disoriented users won’t turn to competitors but rather leave the market itself, without the will of making an effort to find a good service. This consequence would reduce the whole pie for all operators, generating a loss for every one of them in the long term, regardless of who is getting more clients at one given moment.

In this context, Truebetmedia.com‘s service steps in to organize the information about the online betting and entertainment industry. With a network of sites created to achieve this goal, potential online casino or online bingo players will find an interesting resource of information with game tutorials, tips, recommendations, or advice on how to get payment for gained prizes, among other related contents. So in the end, Truebetmedia strives to enhance the experience of both parties involved in the industry, by reducing the gap which separates online gambling operators with potential users.

Their website displays an eye-catching design and offers a simple menu with right to the point information about TrueBetMedia‘s main services, history, and contact details. As we can read in their profile, they have specialized these days on the South American market, which explains the inclusion of Spanish and Portuguese versions of the website.

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WordTaps.com – For Those Into Web Design & Development

  • November 30, 2009

WordTaps.comWordTaps.com is a news and resources sharing site that is wholly devoted to web development, web design and web trends.

That is, the site aggregates useful news a la Digg, but by focusing on a specific area it hopes to avoid the information overload which plagues the popular repository of links.

The actual dynamics of the site do not merit an over-lengthy explanation, as individual users can submit news, articles and tutorials that adhere to the basic premise. Users are then encouraged to vote on these items that they would like to appear on the homepage, and the links consequently go up and down.

As you can imagine, there are a host of categories in which the submitted links are placed so that finding everything is an easier task. These include “SEO”, “Ajax”, “Web Design”, “CSS” and “Font” to name just a couple.

When it comes to signing up for WordTaps you can do so through any of your favorite current social services. That includes Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, as it is only suitable for a site which is geared towards people who are tech-savvy.

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SEOJobsFinder.com – Looking For SEO Jobs On The Net

  • February 18, 2009

SEOJobsFinder.comA resource that goes by a self-explanatory name, this portal will let you have it both ways as you can post openings and apply for jobs online. Individuals located in the United States, the United Kingdom and India will be able to employ this search tool and find jobs not only in the field of SEO but also web developments jobs and positions we all associate with the WWW.

As a result, the site includes a navigation menu that subdivides itself into items like “PPC Manager”, “General Programmer” and “SEM”. Upon clicking on any of these, you will visualize all the relevant positions grouped together and ready to be perused.

This initiative is actually the English version of an Israeli jobs board created by Mr. Or Hillel. Of course, feedback, insight and suggestions on how to improve the site are welcome. If you found the site worth using but felt there were some rough spots that could be ironed out do get in touch and let him and his team know.

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Templateo – Online Customizable Website Templates

  • February 9, 2009

TemplateoA new service that is out in beta, Templateo offers templates that can be employed in order to add a touch of class to any website. Formats like WordPress and Joomla are fully supported, and the same goes for IzzyWebsite and Joomla.

XHTML is also accounted for.

In addition to letting you have your pick from a wide-ranging collection of templates, the site will enable you to customize them using the provided web-based builder, and come up with a design that reflects the essence of your site as much as possible.

The main page lists the latest additions to the online database, and the price of each design is provided along with two links: one that reads “View” and another that goes “Buy & Customize”. You can also look up templates easily by way of the provided cloud of keywords and the featured search functionality.

On the other hand, if you think you are a good designer yourself and wish to put your services to the consideration of the Templateo team a link is provided to these ends.

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TheOutsourcingCompany – Helping Companies Make Money Online

  • December 2, 2008

TheOutsourcingCompanyIf you’ve been looking for a web design agency to help you with your company’s website design, perhaps you should take a look at The Outsourcing Company. This design firm not only offers its clients professional and creative work, it also provides round the clock customer service that will allow your business to stay in touch throughout the design process.

This company is one of the fastest growing in America and can give your business a strong online presence that will help you get more customers. The company works with skilled designers, marketing experts, and experienced project leaders that will ensure that your website succeeds and helps your business grow.

At TheOutsourcingCompany.com you’ll be able to find out about the company’s background, see exactly what services are offered, take a look at the firm’s portfolio, and get the information you need in order to contact them. This design firm has been in business since 2002 and has worked with some top brands and companies and may be able to help your business grow online.


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Thryce.com – Custom Tailored Hosting and More

  • November 13, 2008

Thryce.comThryce.com offers custom tailored hosting, something that is very rare these days.

All application’s that are designed and written are built to specifications determined by the client. Thryce brings innovative ideas to its client’s concepts and offers a wide range of services including website and web application hosting, PHP website development, .NET website development, complete site design solutions, maintenance plans, e-mail hosting, traffic reporting, dedicated services, SQL 2005, and MYSQL support. Thryce also designs all forms of marketing, letterhead, and digital art for every industry.

The company is dedicated to providing personalized attention, reliable service, and innovative solutions through partnerships with their clients. They unite being role-models, educators, and teammates to employ the best services and guarantee total satisfaction. Thryce utilizes a best practices philosophy on a daily basis to overcome any challenges and to ensure those challenges are met.

At Thryce projects are approached with optimum effort in mind and detailed planning to ensure success. They can deliver precisely the technology solutions you need, carefully tailored to your goals whether long or short term, and entirely scalable to business adjustments.


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Namecake.com – Premium and Generic Domains

  • November 10, 2008

Namecake.comNamecake sells premium domain names to companies who are serious about building a strong online presence. Site has expertise in the areas of marketing and online branding, and can advise companies on how to take their e-business to the next level.

The domains within the company’s portfolio offer you the chance to gain instant online credibility and the means to get one step ahead of your competitors with a descriptive, brandable, easy to remember name that will be the perfect salesman and ambassador for your business online.

Namecake also offers investment advice within the domaining arena and has experience in working with investment professionals in building diversified investment portfolios.

Namecake.com is easy to navigate and functional and has had many compliments by users as to the look and feel of the site. Although there are quite a few domain selling sites out there, Namecake works with writers to provide useful content along with the sale of premium domain names.

This site is attempting to connect with end users for the names and trying to turn the site into a destination that companies can visit and learn everything they need to help them in their buying decisions.


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TheSky.asia – Blog About SEO And Web 2.0

  • November 4, 2008

TheSky.asiaA visit to The Sky blog is advisable for those who are interested in SEO, Web 2.0, programming and the most recent web developments in general.

Maintained by Mr. Ayaw Sky, this particular resource can be reached at thesky.asia, and it is presented to the reader in the form blogs are usually organized. That is, the most recent posts are highlighted on the main page and there is a list of categories that can be browed through until you find what you want. Some of these categories include “Social Bookmarking”, “SEO”, “Wordpress” and “Programming”. A “News” category is likewise included. As it is always the norm, you can also visualize postings month by month by following the “Archives” link.

Further resources include information on assorted SEO events that are currently running, and links to sites of interest like the Busby SEO Test portal, a related blog.

If you like this blog, it is always possible to stay abreast of the latest developments via RSS updates. Just follow the “subscribe” link and keep your eyes peeled on your RSS reader.

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GuruOnRails.com – Web Development Made Agile

  • October 27, 2008

GuruOnRails.comIf you’re thinking of starting a website fro your business or want a team of professionals to help you out with some web applications development, perhaps you should take a look at GuruOnRails.com.

The team behind this site can help you start your internet business, providing you with all the necessary information and web development services you’ll need. From estimation of your project to support after the application is started into production, GuruOnRails will have you covered.

These professionals work with Ruby on Rails and have a wealth of experience in building websites, as well as in design and layout. On the site you’ll be able to take a look at what they’re all about by reading their blog, reading about the team and their skill sets, looking through their portfolio, the services they provide, and the platform used.

You’ll be able to see in detail some of the projects and companies they’ve worked with so you can decide if they’re the right option for your business. As well as having detailed descriptions of past work, you’ll also see images, and even testimonials from their satisfied clients.


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WebMasters.com – Web Hosting Services

  • July 21, 2008

WebMasters.comWebmasters.com was founded in 1994 by webmasters for webmasters.

Their aim is to provide web hosting services, focusing mainly in the customer needs. Furthermore, they want to offer reliable and yet affordable internet solutions for the organizations. On the main page of the web site there is a navigator bar on the left side containing diverse links, such as: domain names, web hosting, servers, web design, e-commerce, build traffic, support, etc. At the top of the webpage there are other links: web mail, manage, transfer, forum, directory, etc. If you require additional information about the company you can read their recognition documents, recent news, as well as their career opportunities. There are other links within the webpage in order to access to the renew domain and hosting, as well as the service agreement. In addition, they feature a support center in which you will receive prompt assistance. WebMasters.com

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CSSElite.com – Showcasing the Best in CSS

  • July 14, 2008

CSSElite.comWork in web design? If so, CSSElite is the one stop design resource you need. CSSElite is a gallery.

It’s a dev resource compiler. It’s a purveyor of inspiration. The site is people powered—users submit their own designs and work, as well as links for tools for developing icons, plug-ins, themes, etc. The showcase items are split up into a handful of categories; these include blog, corporate, navigation, college, church and designer. Recent posts are lined up to the right on the homepage. Above that are navigational tabs to browse through different sections of the site. New CSS design submissions are also displayed on the site’s homepage—click on any one of these to be taken to the originating site. CSSElite features a gallery feed and a search bar as well.

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Inetu.net – Managed And Customized Hosting

  • July 14, 2008

Inetu.netInetu.net offers web hosting solutions for all kinds of organizations.

The difference between them and the rest of the other companies that offer the same service, is that they will give you a customized solution. They take their time to learn the business objectives as well the organizational goals so that they can ensure the effectiveness of their services. On the right side of the webpage there are a few charts containing software support, hardware support, and consultant quotes. At the top of the webpage there are diverse links, such as: consultative services, hosting solutions, innovative support, etc. Within the consultative services you will see systems architecture, performance optimization, load testing, and compliancy. The innovative support, on the other hand, features hardware and software support, as well as virtualization and monitoring. If you require further information about the company, you can read the press releases and take a look at their winning awards. Inetu.net

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