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Nivio.com – The Windows Based Web OS

  • June 21, 2007

Nivio.comNivio is a web based operating system which runs a Windows desktop in your browser. Nivio comes with Windows XP, 5GB of space, back up, virus protection, anti-spam and hundreds of software apps available for purchase.

Using Nivio you won’t need to lug around extra hardware, fire drives, or cds for example. Nivio brings your desktop to you, wherever you are. Plus as it’s Windows based, there’s nothing new to learn and files are always backed up so you don’t have to worry. The standard version of Nivio is $12.99 a month. Of course you’ll have to pay for MS Office software, but items such as iTunes, Adobe Reader, and KlipFolio are free. You can sign up for an invite now.

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