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The Future Of Web 2.0 Websites (Possibly Web 3.0)

The Future Of Web 2.0 Websites
(Possibly Web 3.0)

Web 2.0 is the terminology assigned to define websites that have been refurbished from an earlier version of the internet. It essentially refers to the changeover from the fixed content HTML internet pages to more active internet pages that are more structured and provides web based applications to the end…

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Death by Mobile: Is This The End of Facebook and Google?

It’s hard to imagine our world without the mega-power of Google and Facebook, but let’s just try for a moment. How would we connect with our friends and family? And, how would we ever get through school without all the information at our fingertips and an outlet for procrastination? Where would we go to find movie times, new restaurants and status updates?   Surely, we would not be able to survive in a world without these...

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RealGeni 2.0 (XML) can be accurately described as a Real-time Automated Real Estate Search Engine Aggregator that uses the power of Google Base and Google Maps in order to give users an accurate and effective service when it comes to finding properties. This solution was created by the same company that launched JobGeni and ScropGeni and helps both buyers and sellers. With a fast and efficient design, this solution gives you the...

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ScriptGeni is an interesting site providing an effective service that gives users the chance to get Web 2.0 scripts that are actually clones of some of the most popular web 2. 0 websites like,,, and many more. Scriptgeni’s services include a wide variety of specific solutions that will help you to improve your internet’s experience. In fact, this site provides you with custom web...

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Technology & Web 2.0 Blog –

There are countless blogs which are devoted to the Internet, business and the concept of Web 2.0. Of course, many claim that Web 2.0 has its days numbered, but that is a different matter. If you want to learn about such concepts you can have your pick from many of the blogs which are kept by enthusiastic individuals the world over. This particular blog is kept by Javier Martin from Spain, and it features all the sections and...

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