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Affluence.org – Where The Wealthiest People Meet

  • January 15, 2009

Affluence.orgAffluence is a new web-based initiative that self-describes itself in a few choice words: “The exclusive organization of the world’s wealthiest people”. That is an adequate definition, as this online community intends to become the online meeting point for socially elite individuals.

Those who join in will have access to exclusive hotels, nightclubs and restaurants, as well as attending events such as premieres and launch parties the world over. This way, they will be able to mingle with the cream of society and become acquainted with people in a similar position.

Although there is not a fee to be paid in order to register, ample proof of your standing has to be furnished. This includes a minimum household net worth of US$ 3 million, or a minimum household income of US$ 300,000. Alternatively, you will be able to join in the action if you are successfully invited by other five people that qualify for membership, so that if you have the right contacts or the means to hunt for them you could also take part of this elitist community.

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