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Wax.fm – Find Your Favorite Records On Vinyl

  • December 10, 2008

Wax.fmA search tool that is geared towards music lovers, what Wax FM does is to enable you to look up vinyl records both online and in the real world. This search engine can take into account a plethora of aspects such as the catalog number and the label responsible for the pressing.

Of course, you can always look up albums by artist and by title.

The main page features a collection of the most popular albums as searched by site users, and that list in itself acts as an apt showcase of heavy-hitters, and a means of discovering great music in itself.

Furthermore, articles that deal with issues such as record care and cleaning are featured as part of the site and can be readily perused.

Those who have always been exposed only to digital music hear the “Vinyl music was way better and more personalized” dictum time after time. This site will give them a ready chance to figure out if that’s true or not for themselves.

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