N-Georgia.com – Georgia’s Outdoor Adventures

  • April 9, 2008

N-Georgia.comIf you are still trying to decide where to go during this summer, stop by at this site to get some cool ideas for some outdoor fun in the state of Georgia. This super low-tech directory will be especially useful for those running on a less that generous budget, as most of the listings are related to nature and outdoor activities, like bike riding, driving tours, and even farm markets from where to buy natural and organic products.

Also cool about this site is the links to the Audbon Society, which will come in very handy if you like bird spotting, as you’ll find information on the many local chapters of this wildlife conservation society; if you rather have a roof while looking up, don’t miss the list of planetariums. N-Georgia.com also hosts a list of festivals and cultural activities to enjoy the year round, and if you are particularly interested in history, you can find a list of historic places to visit while on Georgia, which will probably be quite useful not only for tourists but for teachers and students as well. Entries on the directory usually present a brief description of the attraction/activity, working hours, admission price and contact details. N-Georgia.com

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