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More – Virtual World For Children

  • June 24, 2011

MiniMonos.comParents in the 21st Century are faced with the big challenge of making their children become acquainted with technology at the earliest possible age, and at the same time protect them from the many hazards and dangers that something as social as the current Internet implies. There is no foolproof way to tackle that challenge, but sites like MiniMonos stand as one of the healthiest and safest platforms for small children who want to know what the Internet is all about.

At its most basic level, MiniMonos is an online game that lets children immerse themselves in a virtual world and have fun with other children who are their very same age. They can play together and solve all kinds of challenges, and as it is only fit for a site of this nature all of these challenges have actually got an educational value to them. Children will learn something important about the world they live in by playing them, as well as begin developing finer communication skills in the process. And the featured EcoMonkey Program actually provides kids with in-world rewards for real-world eco-actions.

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More – Social Networking For Avatars

  • November 6, 2010

AvatarSpot.comAvatar Spot stands as a social network for avatars. That is, it is a virtual world for virtual characters. What, do you think that such a proposition is laughable? If you do, you have a lot of homework to do. Just take a look at how popular something like Second Life is. There are people to whom the Internet has become a true alternate reality. That can be objected from lots of angles, and it can also be defended from many others. But the fact remains such people also have social networking needs. And that demand is what sites like Avatar Spot are here to meet.

Those who use the site will be able to chat with others, share pictures, write blogs… all the basic actions that we (generally) use to define social networking in a broad sense.

The latest activity is highlighted, the most recent blog posts are showcased, the newest members are individualized for all to see if they spot any familiar face… as you can see, Avatar Spot plays by the rules. Those who visit the site will find their way around effortlessly.

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More – Voice Chat For Online Games & Worlds

  • April 2, 2010

Vivox.comVivox is a purveyor of voice chat services for digital spaces. This encompasses not just multiplayer games and virtual worlds but also social networks.

That is, any kind of online community in which people gets to socialize could have such a functionality installed and exploited.

The main benefit that adding something like this has is a key one in anybody’s book: increasing the immersion of users by giving them a more absorbing and enriching experience.

This service can be implemented in a very easy way, too, since Vivox takes care of the technicalities (like voice recognition) and day-to-day operations while you simply think of the ways and contexts the service itself could suit what you already do.

When all is said and done, this service brings one of the essential elements in human communication right into the World Wide Web. From a commercial point of view, such a service opens the doors to a more encompassing user experience. That in turn would lead to bigger monetization possibilities. In fact, targeted CPM campaigns can be implemented through the site, so that if you need some ideas or guidance on how to best maximize this technology you won’t be left alone to your own devices.

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More – A Safe Virtual World For Kids

  • August 13, 2009

WeMuv.comNowadays, children are spending so long in front of their computers that parents are worried (and in most cases with good reasons) about the safety of their little ones. This company aims to provide children with a virtual world in which they can immerse themselves, be educated about the things and values that should matter in life and also be encouraged to stay as healthy and active individuals.

Upon signing up, children create and customize their very own avatars. Once they have done that, they can begin travelling to a wide number of animated destinations such as the Grand Canyon or Mt. Everest. Each one of these locations can be explored collectively, with other members of WeMuv. Of course, each destination comes complete with games that can be played and trivia for enhancing the overall knowledge of the children while they have fun. Online shops are likewise included.

At the end of the day, this is an interesting (and cost-effective) way for parents to introduce their children to Internet technology and have them entertained and educated at the very same time.

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More – Your Family Game

  • October 22, 2008 is the family oriented game targeted at children between the ages of 6 and 14.

The game is a virtual world where the characters (Chobots) can do a variety of activities such as shop, customize their houses, play games, or simply socialize.

The site offers a number of multiplayer games and complete set of social networking features for kids. Family play concept makes the system attractive for children and also parents who love classic casual games.

The system is not about ‘waddling around’, but it is about researching the Earth and training the skills kids will need in real life. It is not a purely educational game, but a personality-development system.

In order to start playing, users must register. Once registration is completed, you’ll be able to customize your Chobot, and start exploring this new world. You can move around the different places by clicking anywhere on the screen. Here you will meet other Chobots, with who you can interact.

The whole family can have fun playing games, making friends, completing missions, and much more.

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More – Chat with Others on the Same Page

  • October 17, 2008

RocketOn.comRocketOn is a social browsing experience. It blends together chat, social networking and games to create a fun and engaging experience on every website.

In addition, you can collect cool and unique items by visiting sites – for example, you might find a soft drink at or a bunch of roaches at It is a way for users to connect online; at the same time brands can participate in fun ways with the community. As you surf the web, meet your friends on top of your favorite sites. Your avatar can walk on web pages, chat with other avatars, show emotions, explore virtual worlds, and trade stuff. RocketOn has won numerous awards and is considered the best Social Browsing application on the Internet. In two minutes, you can join RocketOn and start up a conversation with other players on every website, including YouTube, Google, MTV, Facebook, MySpace, and more. RocketOn turns the web into a virtual world and allows you communicate with people all over the globe.

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More – Get Virtual

  • July 21, 2008

ElectricSheepCompany.comSecondLife isn’t the only virtual world in town. Sure, it may be the most well known whose name actually draws recognition, but it’s also limited to those who want to download a separate app to use.

For marketing purposes, however, a browser based virtual world is ideal, and the folks at ElectricSheep (creator of many a successful SecondLife virtual island), have created precisely that with their new site, WebFlock. WebFlock offers out-of-the-box options for companies who want to create a virtual web presence. Features include chatting, muting, emotes, load balancing, avatars, games and live support. It’s flash-based so almost all browsers can support it. WebFlock provides a full suite of services to get you the virtual world you want. It’s not exactly cheap, though, a basic 12 month implementation will cost under $100,000.

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More – A Virtual World for Language Learning

  • July 17, 2008

Panfu.comChildren learn better when they have fun during the learning process. There are different benefits provided by Panfu.

com when it comes to helping preschool age children with their Language Learning.

Panfu is the place where you will find a virtual world for children between 4 and 14 years old, where they can play games, communicate and learn. In fact, there are many educational games your children can play on this site. offers multiplayer online games your children will enjoy in a safe virtual world.

Children can use to learn and develop their creativity while they play cool games for kids. In this way they can improve their communication skills and they can also learn Spanish while they chat with other members of their age. If you want your children to play educational games and free preschool games that will help them improve their language learning, will give you different options they will certainly enjoy.

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More – Fun Virtual World for 8-12 Set

  • February 8, 2008

Look no further than this site if you want your children to experience the Internet in a way that’s nurturing, and 100% safe of all the risks that go with social networks. is a virtual world that has been specifically created for children aged 8-14, and that can be played both with and without the supervision of an adult (it depends on how young the children are).

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More – Online Gaming

  • November 5, 2007

www.Secondlife.comLove playing online games? Like role playing games? How about having a second life? Then don’t miss this site and become one of the creators of this virtual world. Second Life has become extremely popular in a short period of time, and will probably continue gaining players from around the world.

It is basically a 3-D virtual world completely created by its residents. Second Life has a population of more than 10,721,535. Residents include people from 18 to 85, and they are housewives, artists, musicians, programmers, lawyers, firemen, political activists, college students, business owners, among many others. Just create your avatar and start exploring the world, so that you can find a perfect parcel of land to build your house or business. Residents maintain the rights to their digital creations; they can buy, sell or trade them with others. A single basic account is completely FREE, but additional accounts cost a $9.95 one-time fee. If you prefer premium accounts which are required for getting land, fee starts at $9.95/month and up.

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More – Virtual Pet Site

  • November 4, 2007 is a free virtual pet site that has dress-up games, flash games, web games.

When you join in your dress up doll, which you can customize, is born and you have 3 currencies. You will need Marapoints to do most of the things here such as look after your pet and buy clothes; you will earn these points by playing some games. This site also allows you to create your own profile, create your own website and explore this virtual world; you can also join the forums to meet other people. All of the features in this site are free of charge. What are you waiting for, join in and start having fun.

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More – Virtual Gaming

  • October 29, 2007

www.Gaiaonline.comDo you like to play games online? If that is so, might be a good site for you to visit. The website lets you play games online, watch movies and meet other people. You can also share your thoughts with others and find a variety of online gaming options. offers you the chance to become a Gaia member, design your Gaia avatar and enter a virtual world where you can play games online. Are you looking for online gaming options? Then, Gaia Online is a site to keep in mind. Additionally, you can watch free movies online, chat with other people and participate in a forum as well as join an online community.

If you want to become a Gaia member and create your Gaia avatar, you can do that for free on the website. In conclusion, if you are looking for a site to play games online, join an online community and watch free movies, then you should stop by

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More – Virtual Entertainment World

  • October 24, 2007

www.Kaneva.comKaneva is a virtual entertainment world in 3D experience. In this site, profiles, media and communities are in 3D.

The mission is that members, have fun, express their interests and establish connections with each other. Each member of Kaneva has their own 3D avatar and a 3D home. Members can customize their avatar to look like them and decorate their virtual spaces as they want. Every member gets a personal media library where members can upload their videos, photos, music and games from their profile to their 3D home. Kaneva online communities also get their own 3D hang-outs such as: theatre, media rooms and other virtual meeting places. To become a member you must be at least 24 years old; for those over 18 there is an exclusive all access pas for an annual fee.

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More – Virtual Gamming

  • October 15, 2007

Gaia.comGaia is an online community with games, message boards, and a virtual world. You will find anime video games discussions as well as a links database and fan-art galleries.

Members can hang out, chat and create their own virtual characters called avatars. An avatar is your persona in the virtual world that has necessities and lives like a real person, moves in a virtual economy and has needs, etc. Those avatars explore the World and meet people. The most important thing about the world of Gaia is that it is constantly changing and growing. Check it out.

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More – Network of MMOGs and Virtual Worlds

  • June 29, 2007

Multiverse.comMultiverse is a new generation of online interactive gaming, allowing you to build your MMOG (Massively Multi-player Online Games) or as we commonly call it, a virtual world. The company, which was launched by a team of Netscape veterans promises to enable the user to create their own virtual world in less time and without forking out nearly as much cash.

You can download their client along with their suite of tools and start assets to start building your dream world today. These MMOGs are customizable to your own tastes, after all, you are the one who will be profiting from them. You can generate revenue from your virtual world by subscriptions, sales, ads, and more, then pay Multiverse just a ten percent cut of the revenue.

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