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Check Out Tribe – The Fastest, Easiest Way To Send Video Messages

Check Out Tribe – The Fastest, Easiest Way To Send Video Messages

Send video messages to individuals or a group, super fast and super easy, with Tribe.

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When words simply aren’t enough, there’s Mogreet. MoGreet is a mobile video messaging company based out of California. Sending Mogreets is simple and far more engaging than !!! and a bunch of smileys. Start by browsing the Mogreet message library to find the video message that fits your needs. Next, fill out your personal deets and include the number of the person the message is supposed to go to; from there, add your personal message...

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We invented video messaging with the hottest music! Send’em mobile to mobile or email ’em.. Why It Might Be A Killer LuvDarts is a break through concept in social expressions, (greetings cards). We have licensed and/or manufactured 5000+ musical tracks of the latest and greatest music ever. These tracks are similar to karaoke tracks except there is no words and no melody. Background only. In the course of this...

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Flixn is a Flash based app which brings video to everyone anywhere. All you need is a web camera. Flixn automatically detects any webcam connected to your computer; you simply press record and say your piece. Flixn messages can be used on blogs—Typepad, Blogger—on auction sites like eBay, on social networks such as Friendster and Myspace, and they can be used to send greetings to friends and family via email. Once you’ve recorded your...

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How can you accelerate your brands communication? has the answer to you. FeedRoom creates broadband video solutions for media companies, corporations, and government agencies. It is aimed at helping you make a promotion strategy for your company in order to facilitate its communication and make it more effectively. FeedRoom has developed a broadband video solution that delivers high-quality video messaging to employees,...

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