More – Grand Victoria Casino Online

  • June 13, 2008

Grandvictoria.comThe website of the Grand Victoria Casino & Resort can be found at

The Casino itself is located in Rising Sun (State of Indiana). In addition to more than 1,500 slots and table games, a 200-room hotel is part of the premises. Information on accommodation and special promotions can be accessed online, alongside information about meeting and conference space. The site also explains how to become a member of the player’s advantage club, and the benefits that this entails. For instance, e-coupons are available to members, and they allow the player to insert cash e-coupons directly into a slot machine. A printable request form can be procured online if you are interested in purchasing a gift certificate for use at the casino. This form includes information such as recipient particulars and shipping method. Once the form has been filled in it must be faxed to the provided number. The redemption process is described online.

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More – Victoria Internet Service Provider

  • February 9, 2008

IslandNet.comThis is the official site of an Internet Service Provider which resides in Victoria, Canada. It provides dialup and high speed Internet, e-mail management, web hosting systems and many other Internet tools.

The site provides assistance for each and every one of the services they provide as well as answering many general questions. The homepage has a lovely design combining different shades of green and blue conveying the idea of an island which is in fact what Victoria is. The layout is quite simple enabling you to browse around easily without bumping into any problems or doubts. The main menu is displayed horizontally on the top of the site where all the information is organized into categories including the options to create an account, learn about the prices and features and much more. Check it out at!

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More – Victoria (Tx) News

  • January 28, 2008

Thevictoriaadvocate.comAs a local newspaper servicing the city of Victoria in Texas, this daily print publication provides its digital edition in

Visitors of this site will find in it anything they need to know to get around, do business or get insight as to what’s going on in the local scene, including news and classified ads (which are free to browse). The site presents its content in multimedia format, including videos and photo galleries. Interestingly, through this site you can create a blog hosted by the site, or browse at the selection of blogs in the most diverse areas of tech, community news or political comment. The site carries a tag cloud, which is a good way of finding out what other readers are up to, and a rather unexpected feature for a newspaper, which don’t usually add tag clouds.

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