More – Make Free Calls From Your iPhone

  • December 8, 2010

Viber.comViber is an app that will let you make free calls from your iPhone. In order to do so, both you and your contacts must have the application (which can be procured at the App Store, also at no cost). If you do, then you are all set. You will get the call at no cost, and on top of that the sound will be really crisp.

Besides, Viber can be used to call people in any part of the world. You will be able to use it when roaming internationally. As long as the recipient of the call has the Viber app installed, then you will be able to get through to him.

As it is only fit, you can check all your contacts at once in order to realize who have got the app and who are still to get it. And you can send a direct invitation to the ones who are still to download the app, so that they put their act together.

Finally, it must be added that Viber will soon become available for users of Android phones and Blackberries. Work is in progress right now – just wait…

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