More – Create & Promote Events Through Twitter

  • January 10, 2010

VeVite.comVeVite is a new site that has a concise mission: making the creation of events and their promotion an easy task, and one that could guarantee a good turnaround. That is so because it will let you not only create the event but actually send invitations yourself through Twitter.

All you have to do is choose a name for your event, add some basic information and then send your invitations out. Prospective guests can click on the by now standard “Attending”, “Maybe Attending” and “Not Attending” boxes when they receive them and the event will start taking shape. Others will be able to keep an eye on it quite easily since events are advertised on the main page – both the most popular events are highlighted along with the most recent ones, and in case yours is falling to really take off it looking at some of the most successful ones could be a good idea. Maybe it is the wording, or the time and place that the event is being hosted. In any case, you are bound to improve by leaps and bounds by looking at the way that popular folks do it.

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