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  • October 23, 2008

“Dichotomies resolved by the majority” is the tagline of this new web-hosted initiative which is available both in English and in Spanish under the name “Dime Por Qué” (Just tell me why).

In general terms, this site is an online resource where questions are posted and duly commented upon by site users, creating something akin to a network of connoisseurs and people who wish to volunteer their opinions for the benefit of site users.

As it is the case with sites like this one, the most recent items that have been posted are spotlighted on the main page for all to see what’ new and act upon in a more or less immediate fashion.

Of course, it is possible to suggest your very own dichotomies to be commented upon by the online community.

All in all, this site stands as an interesting resource that will let everybody have a better understanding of the things that matter to them by interacting with others over the web.

This original website it´s been developed entirely by WordPress. The credit go for Cristian Eslava, a spanish designer and trainer.

Reed from Lion King Tickets Resource Site wrote this review: isn’t just another social networking website. In many ways, it’s the next big step in online communication and learning. It essentially has taken elements from concepts like Wikipedia, Yahoo! Answers and Digg and brought them together to make an exciting new forum. The site offers everyone a place to discuss and debate absolutely everything on the planet!

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More – Make Battles Easily

  • April 7, 2008 is a website where visitors can leave their preference between 2 things, which can be videos, pictures, websites, etc.

The site allows you to make these battles in 2 steps: first, you have to signup and then you are able to submit a battle. Each battle has its battle page, where people get in to vote. These battles can be used to compare websites, products or anything that can be compared. You can go through the whole site looking for different battles, and vote on each of them. Every day new battles are added to the website, but if you want to vote all of them, you will first have to sign up.

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More – Make Anything Compete Head to Head

  • August 15, 2007

AllFaceOff.comAllFaceOff allows you to put two of anything head to head to see which one voters think should win. This could be anything from MySpace vs.

Facebook to Coke vs. Pepsi. It’s kind of like Digg with two sides. You can check out where the recent activity on the site has been, what the new entries are for voting, which face-offs are the most popular, what the challenges are, who has recently won, or if you can’t find the face-off you’re looking for, you can start your own. To promote your face-offs, you can socially bookmark the individual head-to-heads for others to check out. When you vote, you can add a comment as well to defend your vote. So if you’ve got two items that you want to see face-off to see the public’s opinion, check out AllFaceOff.

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