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Know The Real Cost Of Asking For Money

  • June 18, 2014

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. I mean that literally. If someone offers to buy your lunch, you should order your bacon cheeseburger with a side of skepticism. In business, people just don’t buy food for other people for no reason. And if they don’t offer lunch without a quid pro quo in mind…


The Most Overlooked Internet Billionaire In The World

  • June 18, 2014

Silicon Valley and the rest of the United States have no shortage of entrepreneurs who’ve made their money thanks to the Internet, which helps explain to some degree why we don’t hear Xavier Niel’s name come up more often. Still, the man has double the money of Richard Branson. What gives? There’s no way…


Foundersuite – Tools To Get Startup Sh*t Done

  • January 13, 2014

“Getting a startup going is easy!” said exactly no one ever. Turning your million dollar idea into an even hundred dollar company is time consuming, stressful, scary, and (hopefully) totally worth it. While there’s no way to avoid all of the stresses of founding a company, there are tools to make the whole…


5 Quick Ways To Build Confidence In Business Conversations

  • December 4, 2013

Being able to communicate with confidence is a game changer. It’s the difference between getting people to believe in you, or causing people to forget about you. If your customers believe you, they’ll buy your product. If venture capitalists are inspired by your passion, they’ll invest in your company…


What Investors Really Want To Know

  • October 1, 2013

Venture capitalists (VCs) make you work hard for their money by inundating you with question after question about your fundraising process, your company goals, your founding team, among other things. Many of these questions will seem reasonable. Some will seem ridiculous. But no matter the question, you must…


12 Of The Hardest Questions Venture Capitalists Will Ask You

  • June 3, 2013

The classic VC role is that of an interrogator, trying to break you for a key secret. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Folks who watch the TV show “Shark Tank” know this feeling. Time after time, a well-rehearsed entrepreneur goes through his pitch, and everyone loves it. But the Sharks (VCs) keep…


How To Find The Right Venture Capitalist For Your Startup

  • May 2, 2013

This is one match that’s certainly not made in heaven – you’ve got to toil and woo several partners to finally arrive at one that best understands you and your business, and is ready to commit to you in the long term. I’m talking, of course, about your relationship with a venture capitalist. You’ve…


Tech Hustler Brad Feld Discusses His Rise to the Top

  • October 4, 2012

So who is Brad Feld? Well, if you are in the startup community and don’t know who he is, then I forgive you for living under a rock… it must be awfully dark under there. Okay, take a breath… because he has been to the mountaintop and back! So before Brad became a startup entrepreneur and an…


The Boom Heard Round The Globe: Marco Giberti And Startups In Latin America

  • July 13, 2012

It can seem from a precursory glance that the start-up scene is deeply American. Even the language surrounding the phenomenon, “bootstrapping” for example, has deep connections with the views and culture of the United States. It is easy to forget that Startups are a worldwide phenomenon. Marco Giberti is one of the Angel investors that is making some of these startups possible in Latin America.

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Top VCs Reveal Their Secrets: Tarang Shah Explains How To Get VC Funding And Be A Successful Entrepreneur

  • June 12, 2012

Good news: it is becoming increasingly easier for entrepreneurs to access the necessary capital and get their companies going. Resources such as AngelList help bring together founders and investors, and the passing of the JOBS Act will help early-stage companies access crowdfunding. There is a fundamental reshaping of the venture capital business going on, in a way that is great for entrepreneurs. Nonetheless, the top VC firms still see hundreds or even thousands of pitches, and most remain unaware of the goings-on behind the scenes. The capital is available, so the real secret of how to get VC funding  just becomes a matter of knowing what makes startups appealing to top investors, or why instead they fail.

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More – Pitch A Venture That You Dig

  • November 4, 2008

VentureDig.comVentureDig is a micro-blogging platform with a twist: it is solely devoted to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and it aims to provide these individuals with the resources for learning about new ventures that surface and share ideas online.

This platform enables you to “pitch a venture that you dig”, to use the site’s expression, and see what others think about it.

True to the micro-blogging motif, there is a character limitation at play when you share your venture with others, namely 140 characters. As I see it, this is not necessarily a bad thing – it will actually help you streamline your concept and portray it more directly, something you are going to need in order to attract investors.

The site features the latest updates on its main page, so that you can see how things are shaping up on the fly. For its part, navigation options include a search engine and a keyword cloud. Both are featured on the right-hand side of the main page. Finally, a “Follow a Tag Subject” section is likewise part of the premises, along with a “Follow Everyone” widget.

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More – Venture Capitalists Vent

  • April 1, 2008 is a community for venture capitalists where they can discuss and rate startup companies.

TheUnFunded was inspired and created in part due to the community TheFunded where entrepreneurs could vent and discuss venture capitalists. TheUnFunded is a bit of the same, the site discusses startup companies and is far from generous with the company ratings. The companies are rated on five factors” the strength of the team, operating experience, market opportunity, pitching effectiveness, and competitive differentiation. The highest score for each category is five and the ratings posted on the site and visible to visitors show that most companies have scores under 2. Besides the ratings users can comment and express their opinions of the startup company and choose to agree or disagree with other users. You can search for companies by region and add a company to be evaluated. Users must be venture capitalists to join the community. It seems as though there is a great deal of bashing in the community. TheUnFunded is a place where venture capitalists can vent.

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More – Replacing Venture Capitalists with AI

  • February 19, 2008

YouNoodle.comThe startup review community is pretty rife and rampant given their subject’s particular fecundity. None however, have looked to AI to make predictions about the fate of other startups, that is none until YouNoodle.

Started by two former Oxford students, YouNoodle seeks to enrich the venture capital sector by using formulas and other relevant data to foresee how much a company will be worth in three years. Besides the startup predictor, there are startup profiles, events and even competitions. You can register with YouNoodle to get the latest news on hot new startups and to promote your own startup and build up your network. The startup predictor will be released freely, however a more complex and powerful version for investors will come with a price tag. Of course, the success of YouNoodle’s predictions relies on its own success. If they’ve managed to successfully predict their own rise, then perhaps they really are above the rest.

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More – Get the scoop on VCs through this feedback site.

  • March 14, 2007

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