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  • May 31, 2010

Vendder.comI really love how the Internet gives independent artists a chance of marketing what they do online. Vendder is a site that will let just anybody create an online store where he can sell his own products.

This store can be divided in categories and subcategories, and the actual catalog can be as rich or simple as the user desires. The layout itself is customizable, too, and you can have a storefront that truly reflects what you want to transmit in commercial terms.

I mentioned artists in the first paragraph because I think that they are the ones who would benefit the most from something like this. But the truth is that just anybody could put this to its intended use. As long as the items he wants to sell are not illegal, he will be capable of having his own site to do it. Clothes, accessories, study guides… these are just some further examples that spring to mind immediately. The sites that you can create using Vendder lend themselves to just any type of business, really, but if you still have some doubts I encourage you to take the tour that is provided on the site in order to dispel them.

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