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  • July 4, 2011

VelvetBrigade.comThe fashion-oriented among you can but fall for a site like Velvet Brigade, for the simple reason that it will make any design of yours become produced and sold to the world at large. To all intents and purposes, Velvet Brigade is a contemporary fashion brand for women, in which no-one but the very users of the site are responsible for creating what is bought and sold. The site is open to submissions from fashionistas the world over, and (as you can imagine) the way in which the designs are picked is no other than having users vote for the ones they like best.

The ones that receive the largest number of votes go into production, and when they are ready then people are enabled to purchase them through the site. The profits are to be split between the designer and Velvet Brigade, with the actual prices being set down by Velvet Brigade itself. Prices tend to oscillate between $ 75 and $150. And the dresses that are sold on the site are primarily designed for women ages 18 to 30.

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