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  • October 16, 2008

Yovia.comYovia is a community site where citizens of the world convene together and opine on what really matters to them, effectively creating something akin to an Internet democracy. By means of a system of networks, websites and blogs, Yovia makes for dialogue between users of the WWW and the many companies that cater for them all over the world.

The advantages of such an approach are evident, as consumers can shape both the products and causes they care about, whereas companies have a better understanding of the market in the most conclusive way: straight from their clients’ mouths.

The website highlights the sites that make up the Yovia network on its main page, while featured contributors are showcased in a similar fashion. In the latter case a link to the contributor’s blog or page is provided alongside information on that person’s interests and fields of expertise.

One of the main assets of the Yovia network goes by the name of “Social Velocity Engine”. Basically, this is an application which aims to combine content, connections and community while predicting viral growth. You can read more about this technology in the section of the site under the “Social Media Research” heading.

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More – Velocity Automotive Journal

  • June 9, 2008 is the site of Velocity Automotive Journal, which is all about pursuing the forward motion of cars, focusing, capturing and taking into account what’s new and what’s changing.

This site supplies completely independent information, data and analysis that helps car enthusiasts stay informed on the newest models; and car buyers can also understand their options in a sea of new car choices through the comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand comparisons. You will be able to find within this site the entire expert reviews, product news, and new car buyer’s guide, where every new car buyer can find guiding tools and reviews to make informed comparisons. There are many other sections, such as Buyer’s Guide, where you will be able to find a listing of all the kinds of vehicle make, vehicle type and other criteria available, listed from the latest to greatest; as the car market is a more diverse and crowded than it ever was, the buyer’s guide will provide all the help needed for the buyer to fully understand the car and feel satisfied with the purchase.

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More – Learn More About Your Handgun

  • April 6, 2008

HandLoads.orgIt is very important to know special details about the rifle or handgun you own. Otherwise you can have negative consequences or maybe somebody can get wounded.

In this site,, you can search for many details about your gun or your rifle. You just have to select the caliber, the bullet weight and if it is a handgun or a rifle and you will immediately have the details. You can find information about the accuracy, the powder and the velocity among others. This site can also be useful if you are interested in buying one. In this case you can read about the different models and make the best decision. Besides, you can also get informed about the efficiency of some revolvers or rifles since the site provides a number of articles written by people with experience in this. Furthermore you are also able to read the most frequent questions asked by those who own a gun, and in this way learn more how to be careful with them!

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