More – Finding Free Stock Photographs

  • June 8, 2010

Veezzle.comVeezzle is a search engine for free stock photographs. That is, it does exactly what Google does, but in a more circumscribed way as it searches around for the best free stock photos websites currently available and then proceeds to crawl their entire content.

Free stock photos are usually uploaded by amateur or semi-professional photographers that are training themselves, and who know that the time is not yet ripe to charge for what they are doing. The objective of Veezzle, then is to find these sites (of which there are many, as you can imagine) and let people have ready access to what is featured there.

The way such media is presented is also quite respectful, as you are not really getting the full pictures though the Veezzle website but actually being directed to the original source upon clicking on a thumbnail.

Veezzle itself can be used for free. There are no paid or premium accounts to speak of, and there are no ads of any kind to get in the way of your search either.

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