More – Become A VeeJay Right Away

  • January 10, 2009

VeeJay.tvAn online resource that is presented by two gentlemen from San Francisco, and which premiered recently at Mashup Camp, allows anybody to mix up his own set of music videos and share them with other site users.

The tagline of this resource is quite appropriate, and it leaves no doubts at all about the aim of these two music fans and what they wanted to achieve via this service. It reads “What MTV used to be”.

The main page includes some recent sets (created by other VeeJays) and you can also see sets that showcase the likes of Jon, one of the programmers. This is a quite interesting way of coming across new music that you might not hear about otherwise.

For the time being, supported videos come from YouTube, Yahoo Music and MTV. In practice, this means that you can choose from a wide-ranging collection of professional videos and homemade clips, not to mention music videos that are in actuality mash ups put together by fans.

Signing up for this new Internet service is very easy – you can use an OpenID if you have one, and Facebook Connect is likewise supported. A normal password creation process is available, too. In any case, this service is available for free, so that if you wish to put up your very own aural experience for others to rejoice you can get started easily.

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