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  • June 27, 2011

GetFractal.comWith so many email clients around, it is almost impossible for designers to check the readability of what they are sending in every conceivable context. There are no less than 24 emails clients that are currently in use. Most designers check compatibility with the three or four they know most people resort to, and then keep their fingers crossed as far as the rest is concerned. How come there is not an application to have everything compared side by side?

Well, it turns out that there is a service that makes exactly for that. It has just launched, and that goes into explaining its still-relative obscurity. Named Fractal, it basically enables email designers to test the messages they are going to send and see if anything is not where it should. Fractal can take care of validating both HTML and CSS, and ensure that there are no clashes of any kind when the email is finally put its way.

This is done in as easy a way as cutting and pasting the HTML to be verified into a box. The results will be instantly displayed, without fees of any kind having to be paid, or sensible information having to be disclosed.

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