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More – A Practical Way To License Content Online

  • July 8, 2009

Ozmo.comWe can define Ozmo as a web-based service that is geared towards those who create original content, and wish to have it licensed for commercial use online. A license can be created in a direct way – the work must be identified, and the price must be set.

When the license is purchased, the artist is notified. This way, marketing firms and advertising agencies can have access to what is arguably the biggest collection of original content on the world (the Internet), whereas the artists can rest assured that their creations are not being misused anywhere.

Such a system would benefit a very large group of individuals indeed – artists of every denomination, bloggers, and even researchers.

Creating a license comes at no cost. A fee is paid to Ozmo when the license is purchased (30 %). A reporting tab lets the artist know who is buying what and when.

It is a fact that marketing firms and advertising agencies are incorporating user-generated content into their work at a steady rate. The reasons are obvious. It is only commendable that a platform regulating the whole process has emerged. If you are an artist, of legal age, and want to start down the publishing pathway this website will be a mandatory port of call.

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More – Customer Feedback

  • April 17, 2009 helps businesses easily refer clients and customers to submit their reviews and testimonials to popular local search portals.

In this way these links are referred to the profiles’ local directory. This directory is fare grouped together on a single, convenient page. is a special online resource that provides users with feedback links that can be added to client correspondence, as well as to receipt pages, or even offline materials. In addition to this, the feedback page can be customized with a business logo.

It is important to highlight the fact that these reviews are also posted to other websites. This online resource works simply by linking out to those local portal feedback pages and does not control content in any way.

The most important local portals are featured on this site and there is an additional local search engine that will be added over time.

In case you wan to get help in order to create local search listings, as well as to provide a central location to build feedback for them, this is the right site for you to take a look at. In case you thin you could be benefited from these services do not hesitate in taking a look at this site.

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More – User Generated Advertising

  • January 19, 2009

Creatad.comCreatAd is an online viral marketing tool that takes advantage of the internet’s functions in order to create meaningful interactions around a brand. The way they do this is by introducing consumer generated advertising.

This method follows a simple procedure: Consumers create their brands’ advertising and make it viral through their social networks. Another effective way for the Companies can activate their brands is by establishing a competition on the CreatAd platform. This solution will enable users to interact with the brand and create advertising for it. If users want to win the competition they will have to get as many points for their Ads as possible creating a viral effect.

CreatAd is usable in all the social networks on the internet and it is very easy to spread. This means that if an Ad spreads well, it will have visual appearance on all the large social networking sites, only this time around, the ads will not be intrusive because they are not targeted to but made by your customers. CreatAd is a new tool that enables people to make money online using their creativity and their online social networks.

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More – The Independent Traveller’s Site

  • November 20, 2008

GeckoGo.comFor independent travellers interested in showing off where they’ve been and looking to share their travel experiences back with others, GeckoGo is an open community to help travellers figure out what to do, where to do it, when to go, and the top things to see.

GeckoGo offers travel tips, user reviews, blogs, photo galleries, a heatmap with suggestions of places to go, and plus points to reward and recognize users for giving back to the community.

The idea of the site is to share what you’ve learned on your travels and help others in the community who, like you, love to travel to find great places to visit. If you love visting new places and getting to know the local scene instead of just paying for a run of the mill vacation package, this is the right place for you.

GeckoGo already has a thriving community of avid travellers contributing travel tips, sharing reviews of their favourite places and helping one another. Over 60,000 travel tips have been written to date – making GeckoGo the 2nd largest source of travel tips online.

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More – The World’s On Rent

  • October 8, 2008 is an online search engine which rents out everything online.

In today’s world people change jobs and move to a new city more often than they used to. focuses on easing out the challenges involved in this process. Finding the right home to rent is the first challenge. The Residential properties service provides you with your choice of location, integration with Google maps to ascertain proximity to schools, offices, shopping, medical care, recreation, and much more. Once you’ve found a wonderful home and saved on brokerage, hire movers and packers, and also choose to rent rather than buy everything else – furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, computers, TV, laptops, cars and bikes, catering and tiffin services. The site ensures that the renting experience at Rentimental is broker free, safe and secure. If you want to find a site that can help you to easily resolve your move to a new city, visit and take a look at what they have to offer.

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More – You Report the News

  • September 30, 2008

YouScoopIt.comTired of the mainstream media? Well, now you can report the news in a professional manner, just like a real journalist. If you witnessed a news worthy event and would like to let the world know about your perspective on it, this is the place to do it.

This website allows people to submit stories and publishes them for all to see. You can submit text, photo and video news reports, and learn how to become a successful citizen journalist. The site is intended for serious writing so if you want a chance to become a reporter and get your stories published, just visit and see what you can come up with. The site’s going to take back citizen journalism by letting people report the news in a professional manner and teach people how to become real journalists, without going to school for it. Take advantage of this service and get a head start at journalism.

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More – Tell Your Story, Earn Cash

  • July 27, 2008

Klatcher.comKlatcher encourages its users to ‘tell your story’. It’s a site that takes on a web 2.

0 approach, running solely on user generated content. Users from all over the world are invited to write a story and post their photos and videos; they can earn money from the content they post on site too—most content is free, however, it does appear that users can charge a certain amount for their items. All content can be voted and commented upon by other users. On the homepage, you’ll find the most viewed and most popular stories. You can browse through content by type, or simply use the search bar for finding specific items. It’s free to join.

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More – Create And Deliver Your Mobile Promos

  • July 23, 2008 is a free service that allows you to create and deliver multi-media messages to mobile phones in a single download.

Simply log on to the site’s online design tool and create your unique personalized user mobile promos or PUMPs using any combination of text, pictures and audio, within seconds. PUMPs are more expressive than an SMS and compared to an MMS a PUMP is interactive, with links to multiple pages and the internet. You can even send your pictures from sites like picassa, facebook and flickr to your mobile. This service is very simple to use, it requires no technical knowledge, and can be used to send something simple as a mobile greeting card or to extend your marketing campaign to a global audience. A wide variety of consumer and enterprise applications gives TuneSpray’s technology endless possibilities. For example, PUMPs can be used to promote event related information like film festivals, night clubs, restaurant openings, downloadable magazines for sports, gossip or weekly TV guides, or simply user created content to share private interactions. Why wait for an operator for your mobile content. Go, create, share and enjoy!

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More – Selling of your content made easy

  • July 10, 2008

AtBizz.comDo you want to buy digital content? Are you looking for digital pictures and video files? If that is the case, this might be an interesting option for you to consider. has an online store where you can buy digital pictures and videos, as well as other digital data. Then, if you want to share your digital material online, this is a good site to stop by. allows you to buy and sell digital media files on the web just by registering for free. Would you like to make some extra money selling digital pictures and video files? Are you interested in buying digital content online? Then, this site might be worth a try.

Then, if you want to make some extra money while you sell your digital material online, feel free to stop by this site. Remember next time you need to sell or buy digital data including pictures and online videos.

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More – Where You Make the Ads

  • June 20, 2008

Adimade.comAdimade is a new video ad-network in which its users get to create the content. The company runs competitions on behalf of their project partners (businesses, charities, organizations); the underlying idea is that the Adimade community can come up with fresher, more creative and more innovative content.

Users are guided by a set of directives outlining the goals and characteristics of each project. Once videos are completed and uploaded to the site, the community votes for the best clips; the top five videos make it to the final selection round and the project sponsor selects the winner. Current projects include Anything-Ade, a parody ad of sports drinks and My Planet ads concerning global warming; prizes are 2000 (Australian dollars) and $500, respectively.

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More – Voice Mark the World

  • May 2, 2008

GeoGraffiti.comGeoGraffiti enables the open exchange of location-specific opinions and advice in Voice Mark form with any phone. Users can virtually “mark” real world places by publishing a Voice Mark message.

A Voice Mark is a short voice message captured via phone that shares information (e.g. opinions, tips, warnings, advice) about a venue, event, promotion, or really anything else one cares to share. Voice Marks are linked to a locality using a zip code, or geo-tagged to an exact spot on the earth using latitude/longitude coordinates. While visiting different places throughout the day, GeoGraffiti enables anybody with a phone to express opinions and local insight by publishing a Voice Mark – leaving a virtual information mark behind to be heard by those who follow. Conversely, those who follow can search GeoGraffiti for Voice Mark content while on location when the information is most pertinent.

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More – Fight Spam, Save Ham

  • April 21, 2008

Mollom.comMollom is a new web service that helps you protect the integrity of user-generated content on your site by blocking or filtering out spam with an innovative system. Instead of simply classifying user-added content as ‘spam’ or ‘ham,’ Mollom adds a third ‘unsure’ category.

Messages determined to be spam are automatically discarded, ham messages automatically make it through, and only those messages classified as ‘unsure’ are presented with a CAPTCHA challenge to confirm that the user adding the content is human. Of course, like any program, Mollom can make mistakes. But if a spam message ever does make it through, the user should report it and Mollom is designed to learn from its mistakes, constantly increasing accuracy over time. According to, currently 99.4% of messages classified as ham are done so accurately.

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More – Connecting Fans with Bold Brands

  • April 17, 2008 is a comprehensive and user-friendly search engine that catalogs and aggregates branded online contests to help the millions of talented people who are logging onto the internet to participate.

Adooga breaks through the current clutter and lets contest seekers easily and intuitively search, at any given time, through more than 250 branded contests open for submissions. There are hundreds of photographers, filmmakers, musicians and writers out there waiting to be discovered and receive recognition for their work. Now, Adooga is here to help expedite the realization of those dreams. Check it out; hone your skills to enter a contest or two, and win money to fund your next record, indie flick or photo exhibit. Along with the growing popularity of social networking sites where members can share music, videos and other content they’ve created, the web is seeing a surge in blue chip brands tapping the creativity of the internet generation to create their next big campaign through contests on sites, such as YouTube, MySpace and BrickFish.

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More – Share Car Photos And Get Them Rated

  • March 25, 2008 is a place for people to enjoy and share their own or somebody’s cars and bikes from anywhere around the world.

They’re here to provide a place where people can collectively determine the coolness and beauty of somebody’s motors by voting on. Once something is submitted, other people see the cars and vote on the ones they like best. You can burn the car you like so that the motor may become popular. If the submission rocks and receives enough points, it is promoted to the Popular archive and stay there for enjoying by all the visitors. Because BurnMyCar is for boasting of cool cars and also burning up, there’s a competition that happens around the car lovers. They’re here to promote that competition so you can rise your car by comments under the photos while sharing.

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More – Get Answers, Ask Questions

  • March 14, 2008

Answers.Yahoo.comDo you go berserk whenever you are looking for something you are sure exists on the web but you can’t find it? Don’t worry: it’s happened to all of us at some point, and Q&A forums can be a good and more humane way to solve the gaps of search engines. Like many other similar sites which are seeming to pop up everywhere, Yahoo! Answers depends on a community of members who post questions to be answered by the community of users in a short period of time (usually four days); once you get an answer, you rate the person who provided the information you felt was more accurate or more useful, and thus help determine who are the most authoritative collaborators, and who aren’t.

Some questions are simply not so easy to settle, and in that case you can get the community of readers to help you decide and vote collectively on the best option. After a question has been answered, that is, an answer has been decided on, either by the person who posted the question in the first place, or by the community, they become closed, so that nobody can provide more answers for the same question, but users are allowed to browse those answers to find out about cool stuff. There are lots of reasons why this service is useful, the first one being that people trust it: Yahoo! Answers is the third most visited site in the reference category; it boasts an impressive number of 20 million users, who have given nothing less than 400 million answers in different categories, ranging from health, education, finance or tech to dining out, Yahoo products and relationships. As is the case in any other user-generated content site, as more and more people use it, the site becomes more and more reliable, though this issue has been questioned by several sources, including a recent article.

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More – Ask, Answer, Meet, Play

  • March 12, 2008

AskVille.comCommunities of questions and answers are gaining momentum all over the internet, a wave which begun with Yahoo Answers. AskVille.

com is the contribution of Amazon to this trend: a portal where users join to ask questions about whatever topic they are curious about, and get answers from other community users. In order to keep the questions interesting, they have to be worded in 120 characters for the title, with 1,200 extra character room, and can be answered in the week following its post; after that period is over, all the answers get shown and a voting period ensues. In order to post answers or questions, users have to create an account in the site, and they get awarded points for their answers, which is a way of implementing credibility systems like those used by eBay to rate how trust worthy an ‘answerer’ is, as per the opinion of those asking the questions. A good bit about the site is that users can post their questions anonymously; also interesting is the fact that users don’t get to see the answers posted by other users before them in order to make sure that everyone does their best to come up with unbiased and useful stuff as opposed to copying other people’s thoughts or facts. Interestingly, answers can be in text-only format, or include embedded videos, Google maps or any item from the Amazon catalogue.

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More – A revolutionary approach marketing

  • February 20, 2008

BrickFish.comAre you interested in the new campaign ideas? Or maybe launching your own new idea and being able to see what the results are? is a website dedicated to connect different brands with consumers by using this website as a display place to launch advertising and marketing campaigns online, they spark the creation of brand-focused User Generated Content, like blogs, images, audio and video, shared from consumer to consumer through various means.

This website facilitates marketing for different companies by tracking the consumer interaction with the campaign and providing detailed feedback by rewarding the campaign participants for creating, reviewing, voting and sharing content. The simple and colorful layout of the website makes this an entertaining way to communicate with the consumers and display new advertising ideas and get the feedback from them.

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