More – How Your App Is Used

  • January 26, 2011

PulseFlow.comComing up with an application that has a feature too many is as counterproductive as devising one that practically lacks all options. If you give people too many things to do they might end up doing nothing at all, and heading off somewhere else – somewhere they find an application that does the job simply-enough to begin with, and that has a basic range of additional features to benefit from when they feel like going one step beyond.

The thing is, it is too easy to go overboard without even noticing and pack more features than are really needed. How can you know where to draw the line? Can that be measured in one way or the other?

Meet PulseFlow. It is a web tool that can analyze any application that you have created and released, and see in which ways people are using it. You can have the entire usage of features measured. And you will be able to see not only which features have people used, but also when and how often.

Knowing that, you will be able to figure out how to pimp up your application and make it more appealing to a wider public. And this can only translate into bigger conversions at the end of the day.

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More – A Simpler Way To Find Stock Images

  • November 19, 2010

CaptureShot.comThe Internet puts images that are not really free to use into the hands of just anybody. That is quite a situation. Yet, it is not an insoluble one in any way. A search engine like Capture Shot should make everything much easier on everybody.

Capture Shot will enable you to find stock images in a centralized way. Images from multiple sources will be presented to you within one single search results page. And in each and every case, you will be able to read all the copyright information that applies. You will be allowed to pay the necessary fees and then use (or share) the images that you deem as suitable for any project of yours.

Using Capture Shot is as easy as launching a search and then dragging and dropping the selections that you like into the relevant box. These will then become further analyzable on their own, and you will be able to secure their rights in the way that was mentioned above.

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More – All About Home Energy Usage

  • December 11, 2009

WattVision.comThe objective of the WattVision website is to let users save money by enabling them to maximize energy usage. This is accomplished by the use of a sensor that will empower the user to monitor his house energy use data.

The sensor works both on desktops and on mobile devices, and it (obviously) requires access to an electrical meter in order to come up with the results.

Installing the sensor itself is nothing complicated, and as a mater of fact you can install it yourself – there is no need to resort to a professional or a technician in order to do that. Once you have taken care of it, you will be able to see use history as minutely as you want, and alerts can be set down in case any irregular consumption issue arises.

At the end of the day, it is just as they say: the first step to improving something is measuring it. If you are looking into ways of reducing costs, this will most certainly do. And it will also let you protect the environment, so it is all the better for that.

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More – The WWW & Older Family Members

  • November 4, 2009

FamiliLink.comWith the possibilities that the social web brings in terms of connectivity, it is certainly a shame that older people are sometimes left out of the picture because they are not proficient enough so as to sit in front of a desktop and find their way there. This is all the more disappointing if only because elder individuals crave for human contact more than anybody else.

Just think how realized they would feel if they could immerse themselves in something like Facebook, watch the drawings of their grandchildren and keep in touch with the activities of their sons who might be located far away.

This website aims to address such concerns to a certain extent. Basically, it will show your older loved ones how to use e-mail along with how to access photos and videos. These can be hosted on any of the many sites that serve these purposes currently available, and they will be accessed from a centralized spot thus dispensing with visiting different sites, let alone handling different login procedures.

I think we will all agree the site is not only useful but actually laudable. It is the first of its kind I come across, and I frankly wish there were many more like it. But this one will more than suffice for the time being.

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More – Alternative Uses For Everything

  • October 27, 2009

MoreUses.comA down economy has an upside: we learn to make the best from what we have, even when what we have is not a lot to begin with. If you don’t believe it, simply paying the More Uses website a visit will make it all too clear.

Its name is descriptive enough, and its basic mechanics are nothing that would cause confusion either. On the site, people take everyday items and post alternative uses for them. The list of categories is actually an enumeration of the featured items, and I think the site could be better-arranged from a structural point of view. The interface is nothing really groundbreaking, either – it is serviceable at best. The content of the site, on the other hand, passes the test with flying colors. You have to see the things people come up with. Some are weird, some are useful, and all are certain to make you marvel at the way people can brave any storm and find a lot where there might not have been that much to begin with.

It goes without saying that if you have an idea of your very own you can post it for all to take notice. Give the site a glance at the address that is displayed below in order to learn more.

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More – Accessing Original Fonts For Free

  • October 23, 2009

FontSquirrel.comIn case you are looking for original fonts you should give this site a visit because it displays an interesting array of fonts you could find pretty attractive, and provide your works with an exclusive artistic or professional touch.

On Font Squirrel you will be allowed to find a good resource for hand-picked high-quality fonts that are already being used for commercial purposes.

The site was created since it is very hard to find quality freeware you can use for your commercial work. That is why this company has gone through that process to give you a quality service letting you use these fonts in a simple way. The site provides you with a list of fonts where you will be able to find the most popular ones as well as the latest fonts available for you to make use of them.

You can contribute with the site by submitting your own free fonts or just by making possible for the site’s team to learn where and how to find more fonts. This website will be highly regarded by people that need something different when it comes to providing their works with original fonts they do not want to pay for.

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More – Getting Quality Images For Free

  • October 1, 2009

TomatoGallery.yzx.seTomato Gallery is an online resource where you can find a wide range of images you can use in your assignments or design tasks without having to pay anything at all.

Yes, simple and clear this could be an effective way to find the images you are looking for in a free online gallery.

In essence the service provided by this site can be accurately defined as a script that creates an attractive image viewer on a PHP server without human intervention.

One of the best things about this service is the fact that the system creates some thumbnails that are shown to you with high quality and resolution.

The site is very simple to use and you just need to make a few clicks here and there to start enjoying its many benefits. The site’s download process gives you the possibility to get all the images you want to procure without wasting time.

Oh, there is something else you need to know about this site: It is free. This is quite a convenient service, isn’t it?

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More – Share What You Use With Your Friends

  • September 14, 2009

iUsem.comThere is nothing like word of mouth. Well, that is the impression one is left with after browsing through the countless sites that let the user see what others are saying about any given product or service.

And iUsem is a new addition to this already thriving family.

In essence, it is a system whereby you will be able to find out what your peers and neighbors are using, and make up your mind in that way. That is, upon joining the site and creating an account you can start building up a list of these things that you use, and as you start adding friends you will be able to make comparisons.

Sites like this one base their approach on something that can never fail from a psychological point of view: trust on your close acquaintances. Of course, a “close acquaintance” on the WWW is not the same as one in the physical world, but I am sure you get the idea. The site will let you get the scoop on what is useful and new, and get it from the ones that you have somehow bonded with online. You can login via Facebook connect and give it a try right now to determine if such an approach is what you have been looking for, or of you will prefer to keep on relying on your usual vendor.

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More – Amazing Textures For Free

  • September 10, 2009

TextureVault.netAre you looking for royalty free texture images? Do you need any new and unique texture for your designs? If your answer is positive you are going to love this online resource. Why? Because Texturevault.

net can be accurately defined as a community-driven supplier of a wide assortment of interesting elements any designer or photographer might need in order to get any job done properly.

This is not just a common stock photo site because it is rigorously focused in giving users the chance to be provided with high quality and creative textures in a simple way. Any digital artist or designer will be able to enrich his creations. As you might imagine, all these textures are totally free to use and you will not have to pay any royalties at all. has been created by a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals so you can be sure that all the material you are going to find on it is quality material indeed. Do you want to be a part of a dynamic image gallery where you can share your works with photographers and artist from all around the world? In that case you are free to contribute with this site at

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More – Service For The Grocery Industry

  • September 8, 2009

MyWebGrocer.comWhat a particular service! This is a neat site that provides a useful set of tools. MyWebGrocer is a company that develops innovative eCommerce and eMarketing solutions.

What’s so incredible or amazing about it? Well, the simple fact that these solutions are specially created to help the grocery and consumer packaged goods industries.

If you are familiar with this market you already know that being provided with a highly effective website design that fits your needs is essential when it comes to being in the front line and making money.

In case you need hosting services or email solutions as well as consulting services for your company, this is going to be the right site for you to stop by. With this company’s eMarketing and eCommerce services you will have the chance to improve your company’s performance by providing you customers with the same quality service they are used to receive and more.

MyWebGrocer is going to provide you with a special online shopping and store fulfillment system that is going to be designed to match brand identity. This could be a good opportunity for you to be benefited with an advertising network that is the fastest growing and largest in the country, covering 85% of the US. Feel fee to navigate through this site at

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More – Your Gadgets And The Community

  • July 11, 2009

Gdgt.comGDGT can be related with the word “gadget” and can be defined as a ground-breaking kind of technological site. What is so special about it? Well, this is not a life saver but it is going to be very useful for people that want to find a wide variety of technological items.

This site works as a social gadget platform that gives you the chance to get in touch with the community through your site’s gadgets. This is going to be a popular place for people that want to make use of several devices with the intention to share experiences and have fun with other people that have the same interests.

By the use of this solution you will be given contextual information from all the different corners of the World Wide Web. Therefore, you will enjoy from learning how to get more out of the products you already own There are people like you on other places of the world that will help you to discover the latest devices.

This is going to be an attractive solution for all those who want to use their devices, learn more about new devices and meet people from all over the world. In case you find it interesting, just give this site a visit at and you will not regret it.

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More – Find High Quality Photos

  • May 29, 2009

PhotoXpress.comAre you a graphic designer and you need to get high quality photos? Do you need to get that hard-to-find images that will make the difference in your campaign? In that case, laid back and take a look at this site after you read this review.


com can be accurately defined as one of the most important free premier-quality image banks in the world. The company gives professionals of every type a chance to have access to an enormous image library, and use it for personal and professional works.

In case you are a web designer you already know that getting new pictures is not always the easiest thing in the world and this site has come to give you the help you need to find pictures.

You can get access to this entire site’s content in a totally legal way and you can use it for different projects such as website designs and brochure illustrations, in addition to advertisements and editorial illustrations.

PhotoXpress is directly related to stock imagery providers from all over the world. Therefore you can be sure that all the pictures you procure are original. This image library is updated on a daily basis, with more than 1,000 new images.

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More – Tools By Categories

  • May 22, 2009

Ruby-Toolbox.comThere are many tools you can use in order to improve the way your website works. In case you want to test the way your browser works, as well as to learn more about deployment automation and e-commerce, this seems to be the right site for you.

This site presents a number of categories that you can choose from in order to take a look at the different services you use in order to be on top of things.

The Ruby Toolbox is an online resource that was created with the main purpose to give you a general idea about the wide variety of tools you will have the chance to find on it.

In case you want to learn more about them and many others services, you will have the possibility to have them classified by categories and rated by the total number of watchers and forks. In this way you will be allowed to use a system that was created with the main intention to help you out to find out about different alternatives in a very simple way.

Among the many options you will find on this site you have code metrics and continuous integration, as well as CSS Framework and exception notification, in addition to game libraries, gem creation, graphing, and a wide range of options you will have the chance to learn more about.

This is just a general view about the many services you can find on the, and if you think you can take advantage of any of these tools, feel free to give this site a visit at

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More – Every Font You Might Want For Free

  • April 3, 2009

FontBurner.comAdding new fonts to one’s site is an art. You need to find the right font for the right place, for the right topic, and more.

In case you are in need of any font, this online resource could do the trick for you.

This site gives you the possibility to use an archive of fonts that work universally in all browsers. This system is easy to install and the most important thing is that you will not have to pay anything in order to do that. This site is very clear when it comes to providing all the information you need in order to take advantage of its services. In addition to this, the site has a section where you can take a look at the most-widely used fonts.

Among the many fonts you will be able to download we can name Allicap, Sans Serif, Bitmap and Condensed fonts. An interesting one is the one entitled Handwriting, as it can give your site a more intimate touch.

The company is planning on uploading more options for all users to get different font styles. In case you are interested in these services feel free to take a look at this online resource at

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More – Free Stock Images

  • January 23, 2009

Photl.comIf you are looking for a site you can use to stock images online, the official website of Photo Laboratory might be an interesting option for you to keep in mind. offers you image hosting services to upload your images for free, in a very simple way.

Additionally, this site gives you the chance to download the image you want from a wide variety of pictures. If you also want to search for images by albums, this site might be an interesting option for you to consider. Then, in case you want to upload pictures online and also create an album online, you should give a try.

To sum up, next time you are looking for online image hosting services, you can use to upload your images for free and create a photo album online, as well as to download the image you want from other visitors, feel free to stop by

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More – Email Campaigns For Dummies

  • January 23, 2009

ZenSender.comRemember when email marketing campaigns where more than just spam? Where are the days when respectable companies would tell you about their product through email? I don’t really know where they are, but is trying to bring them back.

With this innovative service, you’ll be able to create, send, and measure the success of your email marketing campaign. The great thing about the site is that you only have to pay when you send the emails. For instance, you can spend months creating the perfect campaing, and if you decide you don’t want to do it, then you won’t have to pay a dime for using the site.

After you send the campaign, you’ll be able to track how effective it was, allowing you to see if your money was well spent. If you own a startup that’s based on sales, you’re going to love this service. It’s easy to use, and quick to set up, so you don’t need to be a marketing wiz to get the most out of it.

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More – Quick Link Building

  • December 22, 2008

LinkBuildingCo.comLink Building Co. helps business owners who own sites that are struggling in their rankings due to a low amount of high quality, target backlinks on relevant sites.

Most link building companies will charge you an arm and a leg for thousands of horrible, irrelevant links that will actually end up hurting your site. Link Building Co. prides itself on doing the complete opposite. Their focus is more on quality than quantity, which is where they differ and why you might find their service valuable.

It’s always better to get backlinks the old-fashioned way, but if you’re in a hurry, this site might get you better rankings in no time. All in all, the service is pretty straightforward, so it’s easy to figure out.

If you think your blog or startup needs a few more incoming links, then you should check out this service.

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More – Chop Up Some Pictures

  • September 22, 2008 is a site that will allow you to chop up pictures in a simple manner. All you have to do is upload an image and tell the site into how many pieces you want to chop it. You will then receive each separate portion of the picture as a file, allowing you to visualize the parts of the picture that interest you. You can also crop pictures to fit the size you need, making this a pretty simple yet effective tool. Don’t expect Photoshop quality from this, but it will get you out of a tight spot.

Sites like this are nice, because they are both simple and useful. I doubt that it took the creator of the site too much time to create it, but it’s really useful nonetheless. In short, if you need a quick tool to make your picture experience flow smoothly, then you have to check this site out.

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More – Track Your Steps

  • September 13, 2008

FitBit.comWithout a doubt, we all have very sedentary lifestyles. Whether you don’t have the time to work out, or you just don’t feel like it, there are days it seems you hardly moved at all.

If you want to know how much you’re moving and how many calories you’re spending in the process, take a look at The site will let you learn about FitBit, a really nifty device that will let you track all your movements throughout the day (even while you sleep), letting you see how much you actually moved in a day. This is good for both active and inactive people, as you will be able to do everything possible to improve on your physical condition. You can wear it all day, and you don’t even have to hook it up to a computer. Just walk by the provided base station and the information will instantly be uploaded to your computer. This takes that iPod and Nike partnership concept and makes it even better.

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More – Use Your iPhone As A Modem

  • September 12, 2008

iPhoneModem.deUntil now, you couldn’t use your iPhone as a way to connect your computer to the internet. With the app made by the folks from iPhonemodem.

de, you’ll be able to do just that. This application will let you hook up your iPhone to your computer and use its data capabilities to connect to the internet. Even though the connection between your computer and your iPhone isn’t completely secure, since the data is encrypted by SSH, you don’t have to worry about security breaches. Currently, the application is only offered to Mac users, but if it becomes more popular, I’m sure a Windows version won’t be too far off. If you’re trying to get more out of your iPhone’s data connection, then this could be something that might help you. It could mean using the internet on your computer no matter where you are, as long as you have your iPhone with you.

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