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Important Considerations In Mobile App Development

Important Considerations In Mobile App Development

IT leaders across most industries prioritize mobility for both workforce and consumers. Implementing successful mobile app development is challenging, involving performance and quality optimization on top of development of app functionality. Slow, bug-riddled apps negatively affect return on investment and…

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4 Easy Ways To Boost Your Site Usability (Better Usability Means More Money!)

4 Easy Ways To Boost Your Site Usability
(Better Usability Means More Money!)

If your startup hasn’t invested time and energy thinking about your site usability, then listen up! As one of the most overlooked elements of web design, it happens to be one of the most important. When a customer lands on your site, you want them to be engaged with your content and interested in the way…

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Testing the usability of web and app designs is quick and simple when using a platform like BagelHint. This site lets you know what people think about any app or site that you’ve created by conducting a series of online tests that focus on specific usability aspects. BagelHint lets you quickly know what people like or dislike, what they remember the most about your site or app, and why do they click where they click. You can...

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Kupima is a feedback system for webmasters. It lets them know exactly how visitors see their sites by conducting video tests that showcase how real users react to the designs and layouts they have gone for. Each and every test that can be conducted through Kupima is capable of providing webmasters with a concise understanding of the problems that users can experience when sitting in front of their sites, as these tests are not generic...

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A really practical way to have usability tests administered, Usaura lets new webmasters realize in which senses their sites can be deemed as structurally-successful, and where there is room for improvement. Usaura lets them figure that out in a simple fashion, as all they have to do is take snapshots of their landing pages and then upload that for a usability test to be built around them. They will be able to ask people what is most...

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