More – A Tool For Getting Feedback On Designs

  • March 12, 2010

UpShotApp.comA tool that is geared towards professional users, UpShot is meant to make any design task suppler by letting those responsible for it communicate with clients directly and receive instant feedback. This is done by sending images out and having them commented on the spot.

The interface and the overall way in which feedback is placed is clearly the most distinguished aspect of this tool, as a mere double click on the picture that is sent will enable the client to leave feedback to the designer.

Plans include “Professional”, “Team” and “Agency´”. They all come with an unlimited number of uploads (or “upshots” to employ the expression that is used on the site), and also with an unlimited number of customers. Differences include the number of creative people that can be involved (from a single individual in the “Professional” plan to up to twenty as part of the “Agency” package), and (as it was only to be expected) the actual storage capacity. That amounts to 10 GB for the “Professional” plan and 100 GB for the “Team” incarnation. The “Agency” plan comes with unlimited storage capabilities.

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