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FreeTextHost.com – A Free Text Hosting Service

  • February 24, 2009

FreeTextHost.comDo you need to upload a text of your own to the WWW in a very straightforward way indeed? If that is what keeps you preoccupied right now, chances are a visit to this site will bail you out of your difficulties.

That is, this site will let you provide a text amounting to as much as 50,000 characters and have it hosted on the spot, as part of a URL that is specifically generated for you.

Some basic features such as password-protecting the page are already taken into account, and you can also set down some aspects like making links clickable or not.

The service itself is quite basic, but I guess that was the basic inspiration all along. It is clear that the team wishes to keep things as concise and uncluttered as possible, and that is certainly good for a change. At any rate, suggestions are welcomed by the Free Text Host team at the address provided online, so if you think there is a way the service can be updated without making it lose its immediacy, do get in touch.

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