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www.Auctiva.com – Sell Your Product

  • September 23, 2007

www.Auctiva.comAuctiva.com is a site aimed at providing tools to better sell your product online.

It is handy and useful and it offers free image hosting, templates free scheduling, online auction software and scrolling gallery. It is also time-less as they offer a world-class reliability with distributed architecture, allowing better auction management when eBay servers are down. This site offers you useful services like the “one page listing tools” where you can create and list eye-catching auctions in less time, with less effort and for less money. Besides, you can also save time uploading hundreds of images at a time, and manage your images with the Auctiva’s folder structure as they have a free image-hosting center. This service is very useful because having a better image gives a clearer view of your product. You will also have the access to print a report to see your business and be able to manage it sales and communication with customers. Take a look at people testimonials on the bottom of the page and see it for you. www.Auctiva.com

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