GMcontactpreferences.com – NO Unsolicited Marketing

  • May 9, 2008

GMcontactpreferences.comThis is a website that might as well be helpful for every one of us that are constantly bombarded with unsolicited marketing. General Motors provides this site to enable you to opt out of unsolicited marketing communications from GM or GM business units by channel (email, phone, direct mail).

Each channel is listed on a separate tab and if you want to opt out of some type of marketing, just click on one of those, which, as I said before, are e-mail, phone and direct mail. If you do not want to receive unsolicited marketing communications from GM or GM business units, you can do so on GMcontactpreferences.com. This web site will allow you to opt out of telephone and email communications and/or to change previously submitted opt-out preferences. Your GM telephone opt-out preferences will expire five years from the date you submit them. Unless you make further changes, you will start receiving propaganda again. A lot of other companies should follow the example of this website and allow us to get out of their marketing proposals. GMcontactpreferences.com

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