Hitlantis.com – Discover New Music & Share It

  • February 5, 2011

Hitlantis.comWhile it is true that the Internet gives any band a chance to reach to people from all over the world, it is also true that things have become just too crowded. If you have a punk rock band, you know there are probably a million bands that do the same thing advertising what they do much like you are advertising your own gigs and music. And the chances of people not finding you and finding any of these other bands instead is astronomically high.

Enter Hitlantis. Hailing from Helsinki, this company has devised a visual way to let people browse through bands which are unsigned, and that are looking for the big break. This visual interface is made up of a circular heat map which is broken down into genres such as rock, pop, punk and electro, and you are allowed to click on the circles to listen to the music of any band that picks your fancy. If you do like what you have listened to, then you can both buy the music and support the artist, and tell your friends on sites like Facebook and Twitter to check the band out.

This service is free both for bands and for listeners. Obviously, a band that has just signed up for the service will have to battle its way to the center of the music map. Yet, paid accounts are available, and they will let musicians get there much faster.

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LiveUnsigned.com – Live Shows By Unsigned Artists

  • November 25, 2010

LiveUnsigned.comDo you remember the days in which indie and unsigned bands used to promote their upcoming gigs by handing out flyers and emblazoning the city with posters? It is a bit surprising to suddenly realize such a thing will become more and more old-fashioned as time goes by. Sites like Live Unsigned point the way into the future.

Essentially, this is a site in which unsigned bands can promote their every upcoming gig. These are advertised on the main page for a limited amount of time, and then they can be looked up by people in lots of way afterwards. For example, forthcoming shows can be found by genre, and also by venue and by date.

On the other hand, shows can be posted in just a couple of clicks. The process costs nothing, and you can be as specific as you want. If you are really creative and you can dream up a witty description, you will be able to use it in a bid to arise even more interest.

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SeeJoeRock.com – A New Network For Indie Bands

  • June 8, 2010

SeeJoeRock.comThere is just no end to the social networks for independent musicians that are available, if only because the Internet has become synonymous with the discovery of new talent. Just look at Greyson Chance, and the way in which his career started overnight.

Who needs shows like American Idol any longer? To the vast majority of unsigned musicians, the Internet is the ruler as far their fates are concerned. And they will keep on turning to sites like See Joe Rock in order to try and make a name for themselves.

On this site, any indie or unsigned musician can create a profile and upload his own music for all to sample and put forth an opinion. Moreover, they can upload their live schedules so that those who like what they have listened to online can go catch the band live.

And one of the best things about See Joe Rock is that these budding performers can network with music industry professionals that also have profiles on the site. These range far and wide – band photographers, promoters and agents are three examples of the kind of connections any band can make here in a bid to start promoting its music in earnest.

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Uvumi.com – Discover Artists That Are Starting Out

  • June 4, 2010

Uvumi.comMusic that is yet to become mainstream has a definitive appeal of its own. The bands who create it stands as one of the true bastions of idealism within any genre, as their vision hasn’t yet been contaminated by the pressures that the industry will impose upon them once they gain recognition and the desperate search for suitable follow-up singles begins.

I don’t remember who said it at this time, but the person who exclaimed that the artist who has no success is the most successful artist of all did really have a point to make.

Well, this site will let you come across musicians that are on nobody’s radar yet. They are featured as part of a database that you can search according to the genre that you are keener on, and some are also spotlighted on the main page. There are also a series of charts that you can check in order to learn which of these artists are arising the most interest among people who try the site.

All in all, this is the kind of website that no fan of music in its most idealistic form could afford to miss. Those who are keen on the sound of The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus should steer clear of it. The rest must definitely pay it a visit.

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ISpinner.com – A Network For Promoting Your Music

  • February 28, 2010

ISpinner.comISpinner is one of these portals that have been created in order to let musicians promote who they are and what they do. The emphasis is on letting those artists who are unsigned gain exposure, but artists that already have a contract are welcome too.

The site lets fans create their very own profiles in order to start communicating with their heroes in the way that these social sites always do, connecting with each other directly and posting messages on their profile pages.

Of course, songs can be played online both by fans and by rival artists, and both individual compositions and the albums these cuts come from can be rated and ranked.

In final place, it is worth mentioning that the ISpinner site also has a radio in which the artists who are part of the network are showcased, along with Indie musicians. It is a nice addition, although it could frankly do with more options giving the listener the chance to choose the type of songs he wants to listen to. Adding some channels would be a good move.

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Songstall.com – A Marketplace For Unsigned Musicians

  • November 23, 2009

Songstall.comSongstall is a new service that is geared towards unsigned musicians and artists. We could define the site as an online marketplace where these individuals can sell their own pieces to the public at large.

Signing up comes at no cost, and as the artist you will set your own price for all of your music. You will also be capable of adding as much artwork as you like, and you will actually have your very own fully-customisable shop page for promotion duties and interacting with your fans.

When it comes to the actual songs that you can sell, for each and every composition that you upload the system automatically generates a 30-second sample so that is one thing less for you to worry about.

One of the best aspects of the site is that there are no subscription charges for signing up, and there are no additional fees either. You are only charged for each transaction that comes to fruition. Moreover, there is no limit at all on the number of MP3s you can upload. If you already have a hefty catalog that has never seen the light, this service will be perfect for you.

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Mododi.com – New Talent from the Midwest

  • September 30, 2008

Mododi.comMododi.com originally began as a documentary on Midwest music, but later became a web based community that focuses on the story of high-end independent artists trying to break into the industry mainstream.

Their struggle to do this, while continuing to make good music and remain true to themselves, makes for a very compelling storyline. Mododi combines the mediums of video and audio to create an online presence that displays more of the artists than the traditional “Youtube” or “Myspace” method that many are currently using. First, Mododi creates a community of like-minded artists that, first and foremost, are dedicated to making good music. This can not be stressed enough, as the music is what drives the site. Mododi keeps the focus on the music by creating a play list of the hottest independent artists in the region and giving them a forum for their music to be heard. The video clips on the site further serve the purpose of introducing and exposing the artists to a broader fan base. The artists and their music are not censored which would serve no real purpose. If you want to check out new talent, take a look at Mododi.com. Mododi.com

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TuneSquare.com – Revolutionizing free downloads

  • October 1, 2007

TuneSquare.comTuneSquare.com is the coolest free music download site on the block right now.

The site offers listening and downloading of music by unsigned artists of all genres. Site visitors can search for music in nine categories including pop rock, hardrock metal, soul R&B, singer songwriter, hip hop rap, other, techno electronic, world and club dance. Each search reveals a neat list of songs to listen to (sound clips) and to download for free. The coolest part is that the artists still get paid! This is possible because TuneSquare.com has obviously worked hard to make sure the advertising is sufficient for the companies but not painfully annoying to the audience. The ads are not exactly subtle but they are placed intelligently and are actually fun to look at. The idea on the main page is that site visitors are looking up in Time Square at all the huge billboards and happen to see colorful ads from the site’s advertisers. For example, the main page has a Samsung music player, a huge coca-cola sign and a Loews theater marquee to name a few, but the idea is so fresh that the site visitors won’t even realize its advertising. The other form of advertising is playing a commercial-like spot in place of a music video while listening to a selected song. The advertising is smart, the music is free and the artists get paid – I smell a winner.

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