Baydin.com – An Intelligent Way To Manage Your Inbox

  • May 23, 2010

Baydin.comBaydin offers a series of tools for the better management of any e-mail inbox. The first of these is a snooze button that will let you take a message from your inbox and have it return right when you specify it.

That is useful for dealing with deadlines or with these messages that require a follow up. Of course, it will also come in handy when you don’t want to forget about any event that is coming up right in the middle of a lot of activity and that you would like to attend if possible.

This particular service goes by the suitable name of “Boomerang”, and you can try out at no cost for a period amounting to fourteen days. It requires Outlook 2007, and once you have set it up it is all a mere matter of double clicking on the relevant message in order to have it sent to storage and come back when the time is ripe.

That is the one service offered by the company that can be used by everybody right now. There is also a service which is currently in the works that will let you look up specific emails ad information contained in them. This service will also look through your SharePoint sites, corporate wikis and even your corporate network in order to retrieve what you need. This specific service will go by the name of “Unsearch”, and it will be a valuable wingman to Boomerang. So will the other plugins for Outlook that the company hopes to release soon – if they live up to what is being advertised on the site, they will let anybody communicate better for certain.

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