UniversalSubtitles.org – Subtitling Every Online Video

  • October 5, 2010

UniversalSubtitles.orgUniversal Subtitles is an initiative that is as interesting as it is ambitious. The aim of this new site is to eventually collect subtitles for every video on the Internet.

That is, this site is not merely aiming to have subtitles created for movies or TV shows (like endless other sites). The approach here is radically wider. Just think of how many online videos are added to a site like YouTube in five minutes alone.

Of course, the ones who came up with the Universal Subtitles website know as much already. That is part of the challenge from the very beginning.

The site is in early alpha, but you can already try it and see how the subtitling process works by submitting any video of your choice and working on it yourself.

Personally, I think this is a project to watch out for. The mere idea of being able to have just any online video subtitled without having to recode or upload anything twice is incredibly attractive. I suppose it is also a bit daunting, and that is why this is the first site of this nature that we see.

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