UniMaps.com – Maps And Historical Information

  • July 14, 2008

UniMaps.comIf you enjoy checking out maps and reading historical books, this is a site you will definitely enjoy. UniMaps.

com is the site I am checking out right now, and it is full of maps and historical facts and information. The site is created by many people who enjoy history and maps as much as you do. The site is specialized in the exploration of Africa and the colonial era of the mentioned continent, as well as the domination of France and England of the Middle East during the same area. However, world maps have been added to UniMaps.com in response to many requests. The site is an easy-to-navigate website. On the home page you will find the latest maps, including descriptive texts. On the left side of the main page you will find the other maps. Some of them include Africa and Middle East today and in colonial times, place names, flags, China, Cuba, and world flags, among many others. Visit UniMaps.com for more info. UniMaps.com

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