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  • May 23, 2008

UnforgettableLanguages.comChildren have the ability to absorb knowledge and learn languages quickly and without much effort due to the fact that the brain is in a stage of language cognition development. As adults our brains move away from that stage in order to develop other functions, making it more difficult to acquire and remember foreign languages.

Unforgettable Languages developed a method to take advantage of the way the adult brain works. The courses offered are designed to build vocabulary using simple memory techniques involving word association, interactive quizzes, and basic learning principles. Using this method you can maximize retention and recall and effortlessly learn vocabulary, grammar principals, and sentence construction. Unforgettable Languages offers many different languages courses including Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Greek, Russian, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Swedish, Czech, Mandarin, and many more. Courses are taught by native speakers for correct pronunciation. UnforgettableLanguages.com

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