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Content Moderation Guidelines For Businesses

Content Moderation Guidelines For Businesses

Managing user-generated content effectively will help protect the reputation of your brand.

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For companies that manage a community of online users in their webpages, it is essential that they moderate what these users write in their boards or message sections. The risk of people writing insults or making offensive comments are too high. And that is something which must be taken care of. is a company that is aware of this, and offers software that automatically filters comments written by members of the community...

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In a nutshell, Socialmod is a new tool that you can use in order to moderate user generated content at any given social destination on the WWW. The process is quite simple: the users submit the content, and then the same is sent to Socialmod’s API and monitored by the relevant moderator. There are many moderated plans, and each submitted item passes through the hands of at least three different workers so that a consensus can be...

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This online resource can be accurately defined as an open and transparent platform where you can get your website’s traffic statistics in order to base your marketing decisions. In this way you will be saving time and money through very high quality information site’s historical statistics in real-time. The way this site works is very simple, you just need to use the submission form with the purpose to link your content. After you do...

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BloggersBase is a content discovery platform for bloggers and readers alike that is bringing the concept of quality over quantity to the Web. At BloggersBase, bloggers, writers and journalists submit content and get instant exposure to a targeted reader base, while readers easily discover and rate quality content and gain influence within the community. BloggersBase was created in order to make Internet a better place by distributing...

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