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  • March 10, 2009

Twofish.comVirtual goods are far from a rarity nowadays. Any person who socializes on the web or who is an avid player of the latest games can tell you the role these occupy in their lives, and as such it is only natural virtual economy platforms will come along.

Twofish is exactly that.

Essentially, it enables anybody to manage his or her virtual economy through post-purchase analytics that showcase the lifecycle of the currency and the post-conversion tracking of both users and items. Factors like inflation and stagnation are duly accounted for as well.

When it comes to gaming, this approach means that the importance and the position each item holds is weighed up so that profits can be maximized, all the while boosting the experience that the user has- he gets what he wants when he needs it, and at the right price. Nothing more and nothing less.

Merchant services that make for scaling any virtual currency are likewise provided, and these include approvals and infrastructural support. Virtual taxes are also taken into consideration, so that if you want to stake a claim on what some have begun calling “the virtual goods gold rush” you are likely to find this site worth perusing.

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