More – See Videos Mentioned On Twitter

  • February 1, 2010

Tweetz.tvSo much is mentioned on Twitter on a day alone that sometimes tweets can come in out of context. Tweetz.

tv is a new app that intends to let you put everything is perspective by showing you these videos that are mentioned on this or the other tweet. As they say on the site, it is an app that sort of televizes your Twitterfeed.

Three different channels are provided so far: My TV, Public TV and Search TV. My TV shows the videos that are posted by those that you follow whereas Public TV shows all the videos which are posted in the public timeline. For its part, the Search TV channel will empower you to look for tweeted videos on any specific topic.

Using this service couldn’t be easier, as you simply log in as you would when accessing your Twitter account and then you are ready to start having a televized Twitter experience. It won’t modify the way that you consume content on Twitter that radically, but it will let you have a smoother time around for sure. That is enough to begin with.

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