More – Personalized News A La Twitter

  • August 31, 2009

TweetMeNews.comAs its name aptly suggests, TweetMeNews (presented by Nobosh) delivers personalized news to users everywhere, and these are sent out in the shape of tweets. That is, by employing your Twitter feed and taking into account your interests and online behavior the system will retrieve these stories that will ostensibly matter to you the most, and have them delivered using the famous micro-blogging platform and algorithms that have been developed by Nobosh itself.

In that way, you will not have to scour the web and sift through endless pages for the news that could appeal to you, but rather have them find you right on the spot.

This service has just launched, and the categories which are currently available include “Advertising”, “Business”, “Health”, “Technology” and “Venture Capital”. That is, the ones that will let Nobosh garner enough of a response to measure how much interest this service can elicit. Chances are that if you are reading this one or more of the categories mentioned above will appeal to you, so that you will be able to put it to good use straightaway.

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