More – Longer Tweets For Everybody

  • November 2, 2009

TweetExtend.comThis is not the first site I review which provides users with the chance of putting across longer tweets, and I have the feeling – nay, the conviction – it won’t be the last. Let’s face it, when something is as popular as Twitter people will look into ways of making it even more powerful, even if what they come up with ends up burying the original concept somewhere along the way.

In this particular case, Tweet Extend will enable anybody to tweet using a hundred times more characters. Yes, a hundred times more characters – from 140 to 14,000. No more splitting up your thoughts into endless tweets that could drive your followers off the wall.

“But what is the point? Why don’t you just get a blog? This is not tweeting!” I hear you say out aloud. To be frank, I am asking myself that very, very same question… Maybe if you give the site a try it will all gel together. All you will have to do is type in your intended super tweet and sign in with Twitter. No need to create an account or disclose any other type of information.

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