More – Tweeting Out From Your Inbox

  • May 3, 2010

TweetByMail.comThere is nothing mysterious about this site. It will provide you with a platform for sending out tweets straight from your inbox.

You sign up (for free) and then proceed to link up Twitter with your email account (or accounts). Once that has been done, you will be empowered to send out tweets when you are using Outlook and also with webmail of any kind. Of course, you can not only send tweets but also receive them. That was something entirely obvious – coherent interactions would have been made impossible otherwise – yet mentioning it doesn’t go amiss.

Moreover, some features like the ability to receive alerts when someone tweets out your name (or you company’s) have been already implemented. And the fact that you can filter tweets out by grouping users in lists is also a good addition to the cause. You can create as many as you want and have messages dealt with automatically. You can have one for your close friends, another for the members of your family, and yet another for your colleagues.

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