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  • February 11, 2010

TweetACeleb.comThe other day I was talking with some folks from South America (IE, a territory in which Twitter is not as massive in the States yet) and the fist thing they said when I mentioned the micro-blogging platform was “Ah! Yes! That’s the one where you can talk with celebrities, right?”. That was the fist thing they associated with Twitter, and now I am sure that events like Kutcher’s race against CNN must have had more coverage than we might have thought at first.

Still, that is not necessarily a misconception. Not at all. Celebrities are a part of Twitter, and they might as well be one of the most alluring parts. The mere thought of interacting one-to-one with someone we admire is nothing short of dizzying. And a site like this one makes it even easier, as it lists all the celebrities that are on Twitter. By visiting it, you won’t have to look them up manually and you won’t have to check if the accounts are certified.

The site is arranged in a very clear way, too, as the list is split into several categories such as “Musicians”, “Actors” and “Athletes”. If the celebrity you are keen on does tweet, it is certain to be findable through this site.

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